MSP Business requires crucial and critical marketing techniques to survive and thrive, it is important to learn and practice these methods. These techniques help in finding new clients and retaining the existing ones.

Market Your Msp Business, With 5 Techniques

  1. Connect with clients directly
  2. Enhance opportunities with existing clients
  3. Stay active on Social networks, make your business presence in major social networks
  4. Find referrals and encourage them
  5. Find a way to be in the business news.

1. Connect with clients directly

Join MSP Association, Develop your MSP Offering, create your SaaS application, Choose your vendor partners for the additional services, carefully determine your pricing, develop a marketing strategy, market your presence on the web.

Find clients through the workplace, through business organizations, tell friends and family you are looking for more clients, advertise for clients, get clients through referrals, GetClients through Social media.

2. Enhance opportunities with existing clients

Provide excellent Customer support with a priority, define clearly your managed services strategy, develop and fine-tune a model for pricing that works for your exisiting MSP clients.

Define effective structure and process for your organization to communicate effectively with existing clients.
Offer discounts to existing customers run promotions, reconnect with old customers, update accurate information on your website, Partner with a complementary business, promote your expertise, take advantage of online ratings and review sites.

3. Stay active on Social networks

In today’s world when the world has become smaller and the internet has grown with large competitions coming from various places, every bit of help that comes from every place should be utilized, especially the social networks are now the main place where a business presence is very important to attract more clients, generate revenue and build the business.
Social media networks will help MSP business stand out, increase their business visibility, brand recognition, the presence of Business on Social Media helps your customers and prospecting customers to find and connect with your directly.

Staying active on Social media platform is like keeping your business office open, if you close your office premises, it’s like you closed your business, hence remember to keep your social media accounts active and stay connected with your connections/followers offer then advise and discounts with promotions to the existing and new customers.

4. Find referrals and encourage them with promotions

To find new customers and retaining the existing ones, referrals are very important, communicate to new and existing clients through Social Media Networks/ Websites about the referrals and promotions you are running on your website and your social media profile.

New customers can easily connect with you and show interest in your MSP business, with referrals and promotions, new customers joining your client’s list is very high.

Retaining existing clients by offering them referral benefits, existing clients feel happy to provide you with referral and new business opportunity and in return get some benefit that will help them and also help you retain your clients and stabilize your MSP business.

5. Find a way to be in the business news

Find a way to Stay in the news, people discussing your business on social media network groups, especially the groups that target your business niche, connect with them provide your details about your services, communicate with the newsgroups, advertise with them, this will help your MSP business stay in the news and potential clients looking for services that your MSP offering will get to know about your business and definitely lead to a good business for your MSP.

Hope these 5 techniques will help you in your MSP business, don’t forget to follow us on our Social network profiles.