Top 10 Access Governance Software

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What is Access Governance Software ?

Access governance software which is also known as identity management software, is a software that assists IT teams in tracking, auditing and controlling which users have access to company resources. It allows you to set up user access restrictions or rules depending on employee job, function, or department. The programme provides authentication and sign-on capabilities for securing corporate networks and granting access to authorised users.

Access Governance

Top Access Governance Software

Here is the list of best Access Governance Software.

Entrust Access Governance

1. Entrust Identity as a Service

The Entrust Identity as a Service cloud authentication solution enables existing and future use cases for all users, including employees, partners, contractors, and customers, from desktop login and single sign-on through privileged access. It saves time and money to do everything on one platform. Some of the features this paltform provides are For added security, credential-based digital certificates are an option. One set of credentials allows users to safely access any app (cloud or on-premises), while IT teams can easily manage user credentials. For high-assurance workforce use cases, credential-based/FIDO-compliant passwordless access with SSO is available. An unequalled number of authenticators and application cases are supported.

Avatier Access Governance

2. Avatier Identity Anywhere

Avatier Identity Anywhere™ is a containerized Identity Management and SSO solution that is private, safe, scalable, and easy to administer. It can be used in the cloud or on-premises, and it works with all of your favourite apps and devices. It's a platform that doesn't require any coding at all. It's designed for non-programmers, although it comes with sophisticated REST APIs. Allow your team to personalise Identity Management for your customers and employees by leveraging the Avatier Anywhere platform.

Securends Access Governance

3. SecurEnds Identity Governance and Access Control

The world's most forward-thinking firms use SecurEnds cloud software to automate user access reviews, access certifications, entitlement audits, access requests, identity analytics and segregation of duty. Using built-in SecurEnds connections or files, you can load employee data from a Human Resources Management System. To pull IDs across corporate applications, databases, and cloud applications, use built-in connectors and flex connectors. Perform periodic user access reviews by role or attribute as needed. Delta campaigns allow application owners to keep track of any modifications made since the last campaign. To perform access updates, send remediation tickets directly to application owners. Auditor access to dashboards and remediations can also be allowed.

Pingidentity Access Governance

4. Ping Identity

The Ping Identity provided by PingOne Cloud Platform is a single platform that improves security and engagement throughout your whole digital enterprise. The services provided by PingOne platform are single sign-on and registration, identity verification, personal identity to let users control and share their own data, orchestration to design seamless user journeys by integrating all your chosen identity vendors with workflows, multi-factor authentication, directory to securely manage identity and profile data at scale, API security, fraud detection and risk management and many more to offer.

Onelogin Access Governance

5. OneLogin

OneLogin Access extends the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™ reach to applications running on-premises as well as in public and private clouds. They deliver you the advantages of the cloud: easier administration, lower IT costs, better security, and a better user experience. OneLogin Access replaces outdated Access Management software that is complicated, expensive, and incompatible with modern SaaS settings. Users may access SaaS and on-premise applications with a single click from any device through the OneLogin interface, which provides a simple, uniform experience. The platform provides access for IT Practitioners ti eliminate complexity associated with legacy Web Access Management tools, access for IT Executives to migrate off of expensive and labor intensive legacy Web Access Management tools, Access for Everyone to access all apps through a single secure portal from anywhere on any device.

Okta Access Governance

6. Okta

Enterprises can use Okta Identity Governance to tackle complicated user access and compliance concerns in a modern way. Okta Identity Governance makes use of popular workplace tools to promote delegation and self-service, making it easier to evaluate and decide who should have access to what resources and when. Through platforms like Slack, IT and security can now provide end-users with a modern experience for application access requests. As a result of the enhanced productivity and implementation of governance techniques, IT is able to meet the organization's ever-increasing problems. Increased user productivity and IT efficiency are among the advantages of Okta Identity Governance allowing  users to have amazing "Day 1" experiences with birthright applications that are automatically provisioned based on their properties.  Better results in terms of security and compliance by  maintaining a structure of least privilege to avoid the accumulation of elevated or privileged access and to generate timely audit proof and reporting for sensitive resources. Increased cost-cutting and flexibility using open standards and extensible API-based interfaces, you can easily adapt to new users and resources.

Jumpcloud Access Governance

7. JumpCloud Directory Platform

JumpCloud provides single sign-on for all apps that offers secure, frictionless access to any resource, including web and on-premises applications, from anywhere. With the paltform you can provide access to apps via SAML 2.0, SCIM, and LDAP, including a library of hundreds of pre-configured connectors. You can perform app identity management by creating and managing user accounts in applications directly from JumpCloud with SAML JIT and SCIM, plus pass groups, roles, and permissions to those apps. You can also apply MFA at login SP- and IdP-initiated authentication to SAML-based apps and the JumpCloud User Portal.

Duo Access Governance

8. Duo Security

Duo Access gives policy and control over which users, devices, and networks can access company applications. It examines user behaviour, location, and device information, allowing you to define more accurate authentication settings. This allows you to better secure your users without causing them any inconvenience. Some of the features of this platform are policy and control, device insight, endpoints, device health, trust monitors and many others. By establishing specific standards and controls, Duo Access assists you in reducing risk. Allow your team to create and enforce rules for who can use which applications and under what circumstances. The Device Insight dashboards display which operating systems, devices, and browsers connect to your Duo-protected apps and services. You can examine the operating system, browser, and third-party plugin versions on end user devices that connect to Duo. The platform lets you allow self-remediation to warn users when their browsers and plugins need to be updated. Prevent clients with outdated software from accessing your protected applications.

Autho Access Governance

9. Auth0

Auth0 can authenticate users using any identity provider, on any stack, device, or cloud. Single Sign-On, Multifactor Authentication, Social Login, and other features are available. It provides API authorization to use scopes and granular permissions for first-party, third-party, and non-interactive (machine to machine) client apps to fully capitalise on the API economy. Using role based access control you can assign rights to users based on their organisational roles. This results in a straightforward, controllable method to access management that is less prone to error than individually providing permissions to people. You may rest easy knowing that your API is secured by open standards by using OAuth2 for safe communication.

Access Governance

10. Access Rights Manager

Access Rights Manager is a software programme that helps you manage and audit access rights throughout your IT infrastructure. The platform's key features are as follows: Understanding high-risk access and taking action. Keeping the impact of insider threats to a minimum. Detecting adjustments to improve compliance. Identifying who has access to what information as quickly as possible. Account provisioning that is quick and accurate, as well as the administration of delegate access privileges. Some other notable features of the platform are simplified active directory provisioning, automated sharepoint provisioning, active directory reporting tool, minimizing the impact of insider threats and quickly generating audit ready reports. 

Some other well known Access Governance Softwares

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