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What is DaaS ?

Desktop as a Service  (DaaS) is a cloud computing service in which a service provider provides end users with virtual desktops via the Internet, which are licenced on a per-user basis. Small enterprises who find building their own virtual desktop infrastructure too expensive or resource-intensive might outsource backend management to the provider. Maintenance, backup, upgrades, and data storage are often included in this management. Cloud service providers may also handle desktop security and apps, or users may control these aspects of the service directly. There are two types of desktops avaliable in DaaS, they are Persistent desktop, where users can save his works so that each time, he logs in, he will find his service as it was left at last log out and the other is Non-persistent desktop where the works of the users are not saved, as soon as the users logs out, it will delete his work.

Daas Providers

Top DaaS Providers

Here are the lists of best DaaS providers.

Citrix Daas Provider

1. Citrix Workspace

Citrix DaaS solutions make it simple to deploy cloud applications and desktops to consumers, without causing IT headaches or jeopardising security. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops allows you to deploy fully managed cloud apps and desktops in minutes and then shut them down at any time. Close industry alliances make it simple to use your preferred public cloud provider, such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, to have secure, seamless access to applications and workplaces. You simply pay for what you use, eliminating the need to invest in costly hardware that sits unused during downtime. With a turnkey DaaS solution built for a superior experience, you can easily satisfy the evolving needs of your flexible workforce—and provide employees with a secure method to work from any location, on any device.

Amazon Workspaces

2. Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. You may use Amazon WorkSpaces to swiftly offer Windows or Linux desktops and scale to provide thousands of workstations to workers around the world in just a few minutes. When compared to traditional desktops and on-premises VDI solutions, you can pay monthly or hourly for the WorkSpaces you deploy, saving you money. Amazon WorkSpaces simplifies your desktop delivery strategy by removing the complexity of managing hardware inventories, OS versions and patches, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Your users get a fast, responsive desktop of their choosing that they can use from any supported device, anywhere, at any time.

Azure Daas Provider

3. Azure Virtual Desktop

You can create a scalable and flexible environment using Azure Virtual Desktop. Without deploying any gateway servers, you can create a full desktop virtualization environment on your Azure subscription. To meet your various workloads, publish as many host pools as you need. For production workloads, provide your own image or test from the Azure Gallery. Pooled, multi-session resources can help you save money. You can greatly reduce the number of virtual machines and operating system (OS) overhead while still providing the same resources to your users with the new Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session capability, which is exclusive to Azure Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) role on Windows Server. Individual ownership can be provided with personal (permanent) PCs. 

Vmware Daas Provider

4. VMWare Horizon DaaS

For provisioning and managing many workspaces, as well as delivering Windows desktops, shared desktops, and hosted apps from the cloud, the Horizon DaaS Platform uses a single management console. Multiple tenants can share secure DaaS environments with dedicated networking, storage, compute, and access. For easy access and management, take advantage of tiered job separation between the service provider, IT, and end user. In just minutes, you can create and manage pools of virtual desktops and applications without having to know anything about the underlying infrastructure. With built-in automation and unified infrastructure and capacity management, you can move desktops and apps from CapEx to OpEx. Maintain a consistent high-performance desktop and hosted-apps experience for your users with a single end-user client.

Virtual Daas Provider

5. Virtual Desktop by Evolve IP

The Virtual Desktop as a Service solution from Evolve IP is designed for speed, with specifically optimised servers and storage. Additionally, businesses can rely on redundant architecture to maintain the highest levels of speed and availability. Evolve IP offers a deep bench of highly qualified virtual desktop professionals with over a decade of expertise operating DaaS infrastructure. We'll be a true partner and an extension of your IT team, ensuring that your DaaS solution delights your consumers. Evolve IP makes it simple for IT to customise a desktop as a service solution, as well as establish user types and permissions. Your staff will be productive and happy with their virtual desktop solution because it is powered by the best technologies in the world. Knowledge workers and power consumers have options. High-level performance on any device, including BYOD (bring your own device) by employees. The platform allows you to extend the life of your present endpoints or use lower-cost devices.

V2Cloud Daas Provider

6. V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud provides fully integrated cloud desktops that are simple, fast, and secure. It delivers some of the capabilities built-in to their product, such as secure remote access, daily backups, and antivirus protection. To deploy and administer your Cloud desktop infrastructure, the platform offers intuitive Management Console. Multi-user Desktops run on the Windows Server operating system and can accommodate up to 250 people per virtual machine. All users have their own desktops and private folders, but they are all connected to the same virtual machine and have access to both private and shared folders. Their user-friendly online app allows users to access their Cloud desktop from anywhere using a web browser and a secure SSL connection. Screen sharing, printing, file transfers, and a seamless transition to the desktop programme are all available through the web application.

Cloudalize Daas Provider

7. Cloudalize DaaS

Cloud Workstation is a managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution by Cloudalize. They turn any device into a supercharged computer in minutes and provide it to everybody who needs it, thanks to faster and more powerful graphical processing units (GPU). A Cloudalize Cloud Workstation can be accessed using your existing device's web browser: iPad, MacBook, Android, or Windows. Cloudalize provides you with the mobility and freedom to have a digital office or a cloud classroom available on demand, whenever and wherever you need it. Because it is Windows-based, you may install all of your professional and specialised programmes and applications on it and access them from anywhere: from home, on-site, or in the lecture hall. Cloud Workstations are a low-cost alternative to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Shells Daas Provider


Shells includes a mobile terminal view as well as iOS and Android apps. You can also use any of your preferred protocols, such as ssh, to connect. Shells allows you to launch an unlimited number of virtual machines in a matter of seconds. Never again will you have to be concerned about scaling. Virtual Machines are their specialty. They  only have one easy monthly or annual fee. They  provide  server, bandwidth, IP address, and backups for free and give 24X7 support to their customers. Shells has locations all around the world, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Amsterdam, and Tokyo.

Nutanix Daas Provider

9. Nutanix Xi Frame

Nutanix Frame is a cloud-hosted Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that allows any enterprise to offer and manage their desktops from a single interface, providing a genuine hybrid experience. With an automated, fully managed cloud-hosted service solution that facilitates continuous integration and delivery, Frame offers do-it-yourself simplicity. Frame provides end-users with Windows or Linux apps and desktops via web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. Frame accelerates time to value and makes application and desktop management and distribution easier. DaaS is built on the foundation of security. Users may securely access applications from any device, managed or unmanaged, in any location, using only a browser, thanks to Frame. Frame employs a completely encrypted delivery stream, FIPS mode, and multi-factor authentication. Frame is SOC 2 certified, Type I, II, and III, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, HIPAA compliant, FedRAMP Authorized (Moderate), and ITAR compliant. Frame also executes workloads in the Azure Government, AWS GovCloud, and Google FedRAMP regions.

Apache Daas Provider

10. Apache Guacamole

Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway developed by Apache. Standard protocols such as VNC, RDP, and SSH are supported. Because the Guacamole client is an HTML5 online application, you can use it on any device or from any place. You have access to your machines as long as you have a web browser. Guacamole-enabled desktops don't have to be physically present. You can combine the convenience of Guacamole with the robustness and flexibility of cloud computing by hosting both Guacamole and a desktop operating system in the cloud. Apache Guacamole is, and always will be, a free and open source project. It is open source and is actively updated by a community of developers who use Guacamole to access their own development environments.

Some other well known DaaS Providers

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