Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the safeguarding of computer systems and networks against data leakage, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as disruption or misdirection of services. Due to the growing dependency on computer systems, the Internet, and wireless network standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as the growth of “smart” devices such as smartphones, televisions, and the various devices that make up the “Internet of things,” this field is becoming increasingly important. Due to its complexity, both in terms of political use and technology, cybersecurity is one of the most critical concerns in the modern world.

Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider

Top Cyber Security Services Provider

Here are the options for best Cyber Security Sevices Provider globally.

Sciencesoft Cyber Security

1. ScienceSoft

The goal of cybersecurity services is to evaluate and improve the security of apps and networks. ScienceSoft provides end-to-end information security services, ranging from IT security consulting to pentesting and improving cybersecurity posture, in order to mitigate cyberattack risks and repercussions. They provide a range of cybersecurity services to their clients in order to dramatically minimise the amount of security flaws in web, mobile, and desktop apps, as well as in their networks. ScienceSoft provides comprehensive security evaluation and planning services for web, mobile, and desktop applications, network services, remote access software, IoT devices, employee behaviour, and client-side security.

Intruder Cyber Security

2. Intruder

Intruder is a web-based vulnerability scanner that detects cyber security flaws in your digital infrastructure, allowing you to avoid costly data breaches. Using industry-leading scanning engines, scan your publicly and privately accessible servers, cloud systems, websites, and endpoint devices. In unauthenticated locations, look for vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, missing patches, encryption flaws, and application issues. They keep a continual watch on your security. It helps scan your systems for new threats automatically, protects your IT environment as it evolves. When exposed ports and services change, you'll get an alert.

Paloalto Cyber Security

3. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks provides a cybersecurity platform for businesses that includes network security, cloud security, endpoint protection, and a variety of cloud-delivered security services. The Palo Alto Networks website lists the following components of the security platform. PAN-OS-based next-generation firewalls are available in a variety of configurations, including: a s a physical appliance, the PA series encompasses tiny form-factor firewalls for small businesses and offices, such as the PA-220, to the PA-7000 series, which is designed for large organisations and service providers. The firewall can be run as a virtual machine to safeguard virtualized data centres and private clouds as a virtualized appliance through the VM series. It's also compatible with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, among other public cloud platforms.  Palo Alto Networks' GlobalProtect Cloud Service is a simplified cloud service supplied by Palo Alto Networks. Panorama is a network security control centre that lets users manage a large number of firewalls from a single dashboard. Wildfire is a cloud-based threat-analysis service that employs dynamic, static, machine learning, and bare-metal analysis to detect and prevent unknown threats.

Ibm Private Cloud.

4. IBM

IBM Security Services provides industry-leading assessments and security strategies to many of the world's top businesses, including important concepts such as zero trust, with the industry's broadest range of consulting and worldwide managed security services. IBM Security Services, as a trusted advisor, can assist you in quantifying and understanding your risks, extending your team's resources, detecting and responding to threats, and unifying your organisation on security goals to accelerate your business transformation. Threats must be identified and responded to immediately and confidently. AI gives continual insights so that major risks can be identified faster and responses can be more effective. As workloads migrate from on-premises to cloud, the security implications alter. With cloud security services by IBM, you can automate, consolidate, and simplify.

Mcafee Cyber Security

5. McAfee

McAfee network security solutions help you protect your network from viruses and advanced targeted attacks. McAfee's multilayer signature-less technologies go beyond IPS signature matching to protect against never-before-seen threats. Organizations are enabled to prevent and respond to threats with speed and precision thanks to a cloud-ready methodology that scales across the virtual data centre and intelligent procedures that isolate threat patterns. Our network security solutions are built on a next-generation hardware architecture that scales to rates of over 320 Gbps, providing the protection and visibility that businesses require.

Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider

6. Microsoft

Microsoft has quietly amassed a significant security portfolio. This includes Active Directory for identity and access management, Windows Defender, and Azure cloud security services for securing Web applications, like as Security Center, Key Vault, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Information Protection, and Application Gateway.

Imperva Cyber Security

7. Imperva

Imperva is a cyber security software and services firm that protects organisational data and software applications. San Mateo, California is the company's headquarters. Imperva's software stack includes both application and data security tools. It offers comprehensive security for a company's website, whether it's hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Data security software includes Data Activity Monitoring (DAM), data risk analytics, data masking, discovery and assessment, and file security. Application security software includes Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Protection, Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), API Security, bot management, Account Takeover (ATO) protection, attack analytics, and application delivery.

Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider

8. QAwerk

QAwerk does QA security testing on a variety of applications to ensure that it is secure against intruders. Their QA firm provides complete software security testing services to ensure that the information system protects data and functions properly. Its main goal is to validate general security concepts including authentication, authorisation, availability, integrity, secrecy, and non-repudiation. They employ both automated and manual cyber security testing, as well as best practises for keeping your app secure. Two types of techniques are basically followed by QAwerk, i.e., Access Control Technique and Penetration testing. Access control testing is used to ensure that specific sorts of users have access to specific system resources, such as the ability for administrators to alter anything in the system while end-users have read-only access and can only use features that are available to them. Their  experts go over all of the test cases to ensure there is no data leaking. The penetration test simulates a hacker attack on the app in order to uncover security problems and create an in-depth study of security flaws from the attacker's perspective. They determine the appropriate technique and do rigorous penetration testing to ensure that your product is secure.

Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider Top 10 Cyber Security Services Provider

9. SecurityHQ

SecurityHQ is a global managed service provider (MSSP) that monitors networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure complete visibility and protection against cyber threats. Threats can come from both the outside and the inside. To proactively and efficiently manage, detect, and protect your environment against all harmful activity, the correct combination of tools, skills, people, and processes is required. SecurityHQ owns and runs six security operations centres, all of which are housed in Tier-3 data centres. Our operation centres are safe and robust environments designed to enable efficient operations for our analysts, built to satisfy the highest command and control centre requirements. SecurityHQ combines industry-leading technology, processes, and professional minds to deliver cutting-edge security solutions.

Check Point Cyber Security

10. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point is a multinational software company based in the United States and Israel that specialises in network security, endpoint security, cloud security, mobile security, data security, and security management. With the greatest level of protection, real-time prevention, and the world's finest performing security gateways, you can protect your enterprise network from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.It helps secure the cloud with a unified cloud native security platform that automates security posture at scale, protects against sophisticated threats, and gives you insight and control over any workload in any cloud. Protect the devices and access of distant users. Your devices, your privacy, and your corporate data must be secure and protected from any cyber threat, regardless of where you connect from, what you connect to, or how you connect.

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