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What is Bare Metal Server ?

A bare-metal server is a physical computer server that is exclusively used by a single customer or tenant. Each server available for rent is a separate physical piece of hardware that functions as a server in its own right. They aren’t virtual servers running on a common set of hardware. The word is used to differentiate between servers that can host numerous tenants as well as those that use virtualization and cloud hosting. Cloud servers, unlike bare-metal servers, are shared by several tenants. Each bare-metal server may do any amount of work for a single user or several users at the same time, but they are solely dedicated to the company that rents them.

Bare Metal

20 Best Bare Metal Server Providers

Here is the list of Top 20 Bare Metal server Providers ranked by InfoMSP

Updated: 11-21-2023

G-Core Bare Metal

1. G-Core Labs Bare-Metal-as-a-Service

G-Core Labs Bare-Metal-as-a-Service allows for ready-to-use, physical servers to be deployed within minutes. 15+ regions of bare metal on 6 continents are available. Get unlimited access to computing resources and manage them via API or even automate infrastructure management via Terraform.

These servers allow to use of all their resources and are suitable for tasks where virtualization is not applicable - including deployment of resource-intensive applications such as game servers and databases, as well as the creation of storage in the public cloud, used as hypervisors and running containers.

You can use G-Core Labs bare metal servers in combination with the provider’s other services to build a flexible cloud infrastructure with simple resource management, balance and networks.

With G-Core Labs you can easily consolidate dedicated servers and virtual machines into a single private network.


2. Bare Metal Servers provides premium, high-performance dedicated servers with cloud scalability.

Customers can provision and deploy latest generation Dell dedicated bare metal servers from any of their 18 ISO 27001-, ISO 9001-, and PCI DSS-certified Tier 3 and 4 data centers in Europe, U.S., and Asia in 40-minutes or less. With up to 40Gbps to each single-tenant machine, you have complete control over server configuration, specifications, and management of upgrades. You also get access to their global private network where the traffic exchanged between your dedicated and cloud servers is free, worldwide, forever. works closely with customers to identify their unique product specifications to ensure reliable low latency, consistent uptime, flexibility, and built-in redundancy at the best price possible. Dedicated account managers and 24/7 support will be on hand to support you with the set-up of your dedicated server and ongoing help with any issues. Alternatively, their high levels of automation give you the speed and flexibility of doing everything via their Customer Portal or API. also provides additional services including private racks, L2 domains, public cloud and private cloud installations, load balancing and Kubernetes.

Oracle Bare Metal

3. Oracle Bare Metal Servers

Oracle's bare metal servers use dedicated computing instances to give customers with isolation, visibility, and control.

The servers can scale up to 160 cores (the industry's most), 2 TB of RAM, and 1 PB of block storage to support applications that require high core counts, massive volumes of memory, and high bandwidth.

Customers can develop cloud environments on Oracle's bare-metal servers that outperform competing public clouds and on-premises data centres. The advantages of bare metal servers are that it provides dedicated cloud computing with full control. It is the most cost-effective platform for ISVs. The platform offers complete management and governance. It offers real-time video streaming and more.

Ibm Bare Metal

4. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers are fully dedicated servers with single tenancy and optimum performance. If you don't use a hypervisor, you'll have full root access to all of your server's resources. With over 11 million configurations to select from, you can make it your own. IBM  has recently reduced their bare metal server prices by 17 per cent on average across the board – and threw in 20 TB of bandwidth for free.

Choose from hourly, monthly, or reserved billing, as well as other options, all at cost-effective costs. With IBM Bare Metal Servers large files and videos can be streamed. You can configure and duplicate clustered web hosting servers according to your needs. Off-premises hosting that is secure and managed is available.
IBM Watson services and more can be integrated.

Amazon Bare Metal

5. Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 bare metal instances give your applications direct access to the underlying server's Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPU and memory resources.

These instances are appropriate for workloads that require access to hardware features (such as Intel VT-x), applications that must run in non-virtualized environments for licencing or maintenance reasons, or customers who want to use their own hypervisor.

Customers can use bare metal instances to run applications that benefit from deep performance analysis tools, specialised workloads that require direct access to bare metal infrastructure, legacy workloads that aren't supported in virtual environments, and licensing-restricted Tier 1 business critical applications on Amazon EC2. Customers can also use bare metal instances to run virtualization-secured containers like Clear Linux Containers.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

6. Fasthosts Bare Metal Servers

With Fasthosts bare metal servers you can use single-tenant servers with dedicated resources, UK data centres, and pay-as-you-go billing to run your projects. Fasthosts Bare Metal servers provide your projects with the power they require, thanks to their lightning-fast SSDs and dedicated resources. It's simple to connect your Bare Metal server to your VM and have them function together if you already have a virtual machine cluster. VNC terminal allows you to control your Bare Metal server from anywhere in the world. Connecting to your server from a PC to execute server health checks, administration chores, and maintenance tasks is simple.

Scaleway Bare Metal

7. Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers

Scaleway Bare Metal servers are completely dedicated to their customers. On your server, there will be no virtualization, overallocation, or neighbours. The Scaleway Elements console, Terraform, and API are all compatible with their other solutions, and each one comes with its own billing based on your usage. Their high-performance Bare Metal servers are extremely dependable and stable. An IPv4 address is included with the Bare Metal server. IPv4 Failover allows you to add up to 64 IPs to each Bare Metal server and move them between servers. The services of Virtual MAC and Reverse DNS are covered. Scaleway provides billing based on the amount of time spent on the job. This flexibility allows you to be free while still keeping track of your finances. You just pay for the time you really utilise. Bare Metal server installations can be standardised using "infrastructure as code" automation, which is offered through the Terraform service or directly through Scaleway Elements API.

Zenlayer Bare Metal

8. Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud

Zenlayer's dedicated servers provide high-speed performance. With servers devoted solely to you, you'll have complete control over your data. Up to 256 GB of RAM and twin Xeon Scalable Processors with up to 40 cores are available in standard configurations. You can easily scale up and down. As many servers as you need to meet demand, you can add or delete servers at any time, or migrate resources to another zone, using the Zenlayer Portal. You can choose between hourly and monthly billing. Relax with technical help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Receive free, live technical assistance with a less than 15-minute response time, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In less than four hours, 95% of tickets are resolved.Servers should be placed near where your users are. Emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Western Africa, South Africa, and others are available. A bespoke hybrid-cloud solution combines the benefits of public clouds and private servers. To address sudden demand surges or transmit data between regions, users can use direct connections and cloud bursting.

Milesweb Bare Metal

9. MilesWeb Bare Metal Hosting

MilesWeb provides dedicated server to install from various predefined operating systems of the customer's choice. MilesWeb bare metal servers offer RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10, which can be purchased on requirement.For your bare metal server, they supply bandwidth ranging from 100 Mb/s to 1 GBPS. Multiple Internet Exchanges, such as NIXI, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX, and Extreme-IX - Bandwidth from industry-leading service providers, are connected to their data center's network for robust network support. They offer dedicated server hosting services that are both managed and unmanaged. All of their dedicated server hosting plans are unmanaged by default. This unmanaged Linux dedicated hosting is best suited for those that have prior experience maintaining dedicated servers. 

Bluehost Bare Metal

10. Bluehost

Bluehost bare metal servers can manage any workload, from a crucial business application to a high-traffic website, thanks to SSD storage, DDR4 memory, and Xeon D CPUs. To ensure uptime and availability, their servers are housed in top-tier data centres with redundant ISP links and Neustar DDoS protection. RAID1 is used in their high-quality storage configuration to ensure that your data is replicated. This redundancy ensures that your information is well-protected. All SSD dedicated servers come with full root access, allowing expert users to conduct custom installations and other modifications without restriction.

Inmotion Bare Metal

11. InMotion

InMotion specialise in Linux bare metal server hosting. You get the greatest IT team working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. InMotion offers optional upgrades for your bare metal server to fulfill your applications demand. It provides full duplex ethernet uplink connection which can be configured for your site's heavy traffic, gigabit file transfer, and concurrent connections. It offers tier one network so that your visitors get dedicated connectivity that is predictable, redundant and consistent.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

12. Heficed Bare Metal Servers

Heficed provides enterprise-grade dedicated servers with a variety of services to help you take your company to the next level. With Heficed, you can expand your business by assigning up to 4096 IPs to a single server. When it comes to your network, scalable infrastructure ensures that there will be no bottlenecks. The dedicated servers from Heficed have a low latency. Experience the quickest baremetal networks and have assurance in the stability and dependability of their IP transit. You have complete control with Heficed's completely in-house created API access and support. The most popular Linux systems are supported by Heficed's dedicated servers. For Microsoft enterprise solutions, they also provide dedicated Windows servers. Heficed provides high-performance dedicated servers that are fully customisable and provide you complete control. At top-tier, ISO-certified data centres, you may reach clients all around the world. Heficed has one-of-a-kind facilities in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo, as well as in North America and Europe.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

13. PhoenixNAP

PhoenixNAP created Bare Metal Cloud to make it easy to deploy and operate physical servers in a cloud-like environment. Bare Metal Cloud by PhoenixNAP provides cloud agility without the overhead of a hypervisor. Allow automation to handle the heavy work so you can concentrate on creating and distributing amazing software. Restructure your infrastructure in the United States, Europe, and Asia to bring your apps closer to your users. Combine 20 pre-configured instance types to build a stable environment that is tailored to your computing, memory, storage, and networking requirements.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

14. OVHcloud

You can count on OVHcloud's competence in bare-metal technologies. In just a few clicks, you may host your website, deploy your high-resilience infrastructure, or customise your machine to fit your tasks. Your resources consist of fully dedicated bare metal servers with cutting-edge components. In all 30 datacenters throughout the world, you may deploy your servers in less than 120 seconds. To maintain service continuity for your consumers, you benefit from a secure, high-resilience network. You may construct a dependable technical base for your company apps by using OVHcloud dedicated servers to build an infrastructure. The option to integrate your servers with other OVHcloud solutions, such as Hosted Private Cloud and Public Cloud, increases the scalability of your infrastructure. The OVHcloud Control Panel allows you to install a variety of operating systems and distributions automatically.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

15. Liquid Web Bare Metal Server Hosting

Liquid Web provides the best managed dedicated server solutions to meet your company's requirements. Dedicated server hosting is available with Linux or Windows operating systems and includes Proactive Sonar Monitoring and ServerSecure hardening. They have dedicated servers with single and multiple processors. Depending on your business needs, choose from self-managed, core-managed, or fully managed dedicated server hosting services. Their support team is there to assist you with server monitoring, risk mitigation, and performance optimization. Their  Most Helpful Humans in Hosting are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you choose the best dedicated server web hosting options for your business. With an NPS score of 67, Liquid Web continues to lead the way in customer loyalty and performance as a trusted provider. Some of the salient features provided by this platforms are standard DDoS protection, CloudFlare CDN, backup drive, server secured advanced security and business grade SSD storage and more.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

16. TMD Hosting Bare Metal Server Hosting

TMD hosting provides bare metal servers that are fully managed by experts providing the following benfits to its customers. They support quick deployment of your websites, whether you are starting a new one or moving an existing one from one platform to another. The web-based firewall, which is updated regularly by their team of senior system administrators, ensures that your website is safe from internet attacks. Your server, your environment, and your regulations are all under your control. Our professional team of engineers will assist you in determining which arrangement is best for your needs and assisting you in achieving it. They use a number of Tier 1 telcos, such as AT&T, Internap, and AboveNet, as well as a number of private peering partners. Each of their facilities has a capacity of more than 500 Gbps for transit and peering.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

17. Rackspace Bare Metal Server Hosting

For your bespoke dedicated needs, managed hosting on dedicated bare metal servers provided by Rackspace provides optimal uptime, visibility, security, and management. Rackspace offers you choice from a set of CPU, RAM, operating system, storage, virtualization, RAID, backup, monitoring, and database software options. Your data is safe in any of their 40+ data centres across the world, giving you piece of mind. They can assist you maintain, upgrade, patch, and optimise your bare metal hosting infrastructure so you can focus on the higher-value operations related with your business applications and data.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

18. Vultr Bare Metal Server Hosting

Vultr's cloud orchestration platform supports the enhancement of single-tenant non-virtualized hardware. Vultr's bare metal grants you approach to the underlying physical servers. These servers are capable of powering most resource intensive workloads, since these servers do not rely on virtualization layer and instead provides single-tenant environment. A burstable 10 Gbps network connection is included with every dedicated server instance. You can bring low latency and high-speed throughput closer to your end users. The server hardware is entirely yours, with no noisy neighbours, shared resources, or CPU and IOPS resource constraints to contend with. Vultr provides real single-tenant environment with none of the management headaches that come with typical dedicated servers. In seconds, you can create a new instance with your favourite operating system or pre-installed application.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

19. Knownhost TYPO3 Hosting

KnownHost offers a free setup and migration service with every new KnownHost account, as well as continuous server administration assistance and more for your TYPO3 hosting. Because they do all of the heavy lifting, it's easy to focus on creating and expanding your business with KnownHost. And, thanks to their high-spec, cutting-edge hosting environment, the delivery speeds and uptime they provide, provides a superior customer experience, ensuring that you attract and maintain the business you need to flourish. Their  goal is to make hosting simple and straightforward, so you can focus on taking advantage of the excellent TYPO3 hosting they offer. When you select KnownHost, you can focus all of your efforts on building your company, which is exactly what you should do. They provide premium database support service for MySQL  & MariaDB and enhanced server-side threat protection with free DDoS protection.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

20. Redstation Gaming bare metal servers

The Redstation's UK data centre infrastructure consists of eight completely owned facilities connected by a dedicated fibre ring. You can extend your office connectivity into their network and benefit from a highly available, fully robust bare metal cloud environment on an MPLS network that transforms your multi-office organisation into a productive, stretched IT environment that spans your workforce. Their expertise spans a full range of service delivery options without the prohibitive cost of corporate organisations with vast administration overheads, be it a massively powerful, parallel computing capabilities or web applications which needs to be delivered with assurances for 100% availability. There are no third parties in their supply chain, ensuring a real 'one-stop shop' from the ground to the cloud, lowering operating costs to customers. Infrastructure, solutions architects, devops, sysops, and support are all covered by a team of certified and accredited technical professionals.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

21. Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance

ECS Bare Metal Instance is based on Alibaba Cloud's next-generation virtualization technology, which combines the elasticity of a virtual server with the high-performance and complete capabilities of a physical server. The next-generation virtualization technology of these instances outperforms its predecessor in terms of supporting standard Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and nested virtualization technologies. This allows you to keep the elasticity of standard ECS while giving your users the same experience as physical servers. It provides supports for 8, 16, 32, 64, and 96 cores, ultra-high frequency of CPU coinfiguration. Instance memory can be expanded from 32 GB to 768 GB. A CPU to memory ratio of 1:4 or 1:8 is recommended for higher computing performance. The SGX protocol is supported by ECS Bare Metal Instance to ensure that encrypted data is cleaned, processed, and computed in a secure and trusted environment. The benefits it provides are high-performance computing servers for utmost user experience, secured physical isolation of servers which gives stability, faster services for a fast moving business world and compatibility with other cloud products.

Top 20 Bare Metal Server Providers Bare Metal Server Providers

22. iDrive Compute Bare Metal Servers

From non-virtualized hardware, create a bare-metal instance. These instances are powered by dedicated physical servers with no virtualization layer, giving the server complete control over its hardware, CPU, and memory resources. A bare metal server, unlike a virtual private server, runs in a single-tenant environment, giving you complete control over the entire system (not just the CPU), with no resource sharing or onsite management. You can directly oversee the installation and optimization of the IDrive Compute bare metal servers that have been built up specifically for you. Run and execute resource-intensive software that is built for a non-virtualized environment and direct connections on single-tenant hardware devoted just to you. Deploy as many servers as you need to meet your business's needs. IDrive Compute allows you to request several bare metal servers at the same time.

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