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What is Application Development?

The process of developing computer software or a set of programs to accomplish the many functions that a business requires is known as application development. Gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration are all processes involved in the app development process.
The term “application development” can apply to a variety of things, including:
1. Development of mobile applications.
2. The process of creating applications for desktop computers.
3. Commercial applications of the technology are developed in overlapping sections of industrial research and development and sales engineering.

20 Best Application Development Platforms Application Development Platform

What is a Application Development Platform

A Platform that can help and assist in the development of Applications

What is a Application Development Platform

A Platform that can help and assist in the development of Applications

App development software is a program that aids in the development of applications by incorporating features such as an integrated development environment (IDE), code-free programming, templates, API, data synchronizing, and analytics.

It aids in the creation of the application more quickly. APIs are provided by these products to make integrating with backend services easier. It provides a visual development environment and makes the process of developing the software much easier.

The app development platform is a comprehensive set of tools that are all interlinked. These technologies make it possible to create applications, deploy them, and then update them. It has features for all phases of development, including designing, programming, deployment, integrating, and testing.

20 Best Application Development Platforms 202-23

InfoMSP Ranked Top 20 Best Application development platforms

  • 1. Quixy

    Easily create custom applications to support the company’s business processes.
    Business Process Management: Model, automate, monitor and optimize business processes and workflows for maximum value.
    Automate, manage, optimize and track work across the organization on one digital platform.

    Solution: Starts from $500/month billed annually.
    Platform: $10/user/month billed annually and starts with 10 users.
    Enterprise: Contact the Company for details

  • 2. Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that allows users to create custom applications on their own, with minimal coding experience.
    With the Zoho Creator platform, you get the ability to build custom business applications without having to spend the long project timelines of traditional development methods.

  • 3. Appy Pie

    No Code App Maker That Lets Anyone Build Apps In 3 Easy Steps.
    Appy Pie is rated as the best No-Code Platform. App development from scratch takes far too long and pushes some of the greatest app ideas (with lower business returns) to the backburner. Low code and no code development help make mobile application development 10 times faster.

  • 4. Salesforce Platform

    Salesforce Platform is an enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that enables developers to create, test, and fix bugs in cloud apps before they are deployed. The platform includes tools and services for automating corporate operations, integrating with third-party applications, and providing a user-friendly layout. Salesforce allow users to run and manage apps created in open languages such as Ruby, Java, and PHP. Salesforce Lightning Design System gives developers with instructions and code for creating apps. Reusable building elements such as maps, calendars, buttons, and number-entry forms can be used to create apps.

  • 5. Jira

    Jira is a project management tool that lets teams plan, assign, track, report, and manage work for everything from agile software development and customer service to start-ups and corporations. Jira Software, the #1 tool for agile teams, helps software teams build better. With Jira Service Management, you can deliver excellent service experiences across all teams, including IT, Dev, Ops, and more. With Jira Work Management, business teams can unleash the power of agile and cooperate more effectively. Jira Align is a scalability-aware enterprise agile planning application. Work moves seamlessly and transparently across your business with templates and solutions tailored to each team with Jira as your common language.

  • 6. TestRail

    TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management tool for managing, tracking, and organising your software testing operations. It provides centralized test management by which you can collaborate with stake holders in test cases, plans and runs, you can easily track results. It also offers support for powerful reports and metrics.

  • 7. DHTMLX Suite

    DHTMLX Suite is a UI widget library for building complex online applications. It provides API that is both extensive and simple to use. Users have complete control over the user interface . It has templates for CSS widgets. Touch devices are also supported. It has compatibility with the most popular JS frameworks. Any backend technology can be integrated.

  • 8. Microsoft Visual Studio

    Microsoft Visual Studio is the Microsoft's integrated development environment (IDE). It's used to make websites, web apps, web services, and mobile apps, among other things. Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store, and Microsoft Silverlight are some of the Microsoft software development platforms used by Visual Studio. It has the ability to generate both native and managed code. For variables, functions, methods, loops, and LINQ queries, Visual Studio features a code editor that supports syntax highlighting and code completion using IntelliSense. When constructing web pages and web applications, IntelliSense is enabled for the featured languages, as well as XML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. For all supported languages, the code editor is utilized.

  • 9. Assembla

    Assembla is a source code management tool that focuses on cloud-based version control for code projects and agile software development. For customers who use their cloud repositories, they provide an additional project management tool. Over 100,000 client projects are hosted by Assembla. Game development studios, consultants, outsourcers, and digital companies are among their clients. Assembla provides code repositories for Apache Subversion, Git, and Perforce. Slack, GitHub, and JIRA are among the tools that Assembla integrates with. Security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy are all priorities for Assembla. Assembla is the only cloud-based multi-repository platform that includes SecureGitTM, NextGen SVN, and Perforce. It has designed an enterprise-grade cloud platform with industry-leading compliance and security for centralised source code management.

  • 10. MyGet

    MyGet is a Universal Package Manager that connects with your existing source code ecosystem and allows you to manage your packages from start to finish. Your DevOps workflow will be more consistent and governed with centralised package management. MyGet's real-time software licencing identification tracks and detects dependencies across all of your packages. Customized usage policies ensure that your teams only use approved packages and that vulnerabilities and out-of-date packages are reported early in the software development and release cycle.

  • 11. Bird Eats Bug

    Bird provides engineers with all the information in a single link and saves your team from the back forth.
    A console log is worth a thousand words but Bird also captures System information, Network requests, Click events, URL changes... well, you get the idea.

    Integrated with your apps
    Push bug reports straight to your existing tools.
    Simplify your workflow and keep all your issues in one place.
    Free: $0
    Designed for small teams and startups.

    30 session storage
    Secure team workspace
    Unlimited bug reporters

    Business: $8/user/month
    For teams or freelance QAs that eat a lot of bugs and are looking to supercharge their workflow.

    Top features
    Unlimited sessions
    Advanced user management
    Unlimited bug reporters

    Custom: Talk to Company

  • 12. Kissflow LowCode

    Kissflow is an application builder that helps you make custom applications with minimum coding from scratch or by using their templates according to your business needs. You can create apps with out-of-the-box functionality and distribute them quickly. Utilize the power of automation to do routine tasks. Reduce needless stages, reinvent, and respond to user demands more quickly.

    One Platform
    For both Business Teams and IT Developers to build applications collaboratively Power of Simple
    Just drag and drop to build enterprise-grade apps on the go

    Pricing: Starting at USD 3000/month
    Your one-stop platform to build enterprise-grade applications

  • 13. SwiftEnterprise

    SwiftEnterprise is a next-generation AI-driven Enterprise Agility platform designed to assist you in planning, managing, and executing your Digital Transformation activities.

    SwiftEnterprise has a unique set of tools for managing and delivering traditional and Agile projects in a variety of sectors. SwiftEnterprise provides a full-featured Agile module that contains, among other things, Planning and Execution Boards. Agile teams will be able to use a wide range of Agile features to manage Agile projects in a lot more intuitive and easy way.

    SwiftEnterprise delivers a full-function Agile module that includes Planning and Execution Boards among other features. Agile teams will be able to leverage a wide range of Agile capabilities to manage Agile projects much more easily and intuitively.

  • 14. WaveMaker

    WaveMaker is a Java low-code platform for developing enterprise software applications and platforms. WaveMaker is a strong low-code platform for businesses that helps them speed up app development and IT transformation. It's a consumable low-code component for ISVs that can sit inside their product and provide tremendous customisation. WaveMaker Platform is licenced software that allows businesses to host their own end-to-end application platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) for developing and deploying custom applications. It also enables developers and corporate users to construct apps that can be extended or changed using typical enterprise-grade technology. These apps can use APIs, show data, and offer multi-device responsive interfaces automatically.

  • 15. Seagence

    Realtime Defect Monitoring and Root Cause Automation

    Uncover all defects
    Realtime Defect Identification with root cause eliminating the need for debugging. Accurate detection of defects (including hidden and unknown) caused by any thrown exception or error.

    Seagece Pricing
    Community: $0/mo

    Team: $52/mo, billed annually.

    Enterprise: Talk to company

  • 16. Buddy

    87% faster CI/CD adoption time by teams
    Even the most complicated CI/CD workflows take minutes to create. Buddy is DevOps adoption winner.

    100+ Carefully Crafted Actions
    Build websites, run SSH commands & deploy to any server or cloud. Build, push & run Docker images. Orchestrate Kubernetes clusters. Generate static sites. Monitor websites and plug-in RPM tools. More than 100 possibilities just a click away

    Pricng & Plans

    Free: $0/mo

    Pro: $75/mo

    Hyper: $200/mo

    On-Premises: $45/mo per user

  • 17. Beezer

    With Beezer, a no-code app builder, you can create amazing progressive web apps for yourself or your customers. Without any programming knowledge, you can have your app up and operating in a single day. Progressive web apps are online apps that have the look and feel of native apps and allow you to broadcast content to any device, browser, and connection. PWAs are capable, dependable, and easy to set up. They are 90 percent smaller than native apps and can be accessed with a single URL. You can also install them as an icon on your device.

    Pricing 7 Plans

    Something: £7.99/mo

    Anything: £14.99/mo

    Everything: £42.00/mo

    More of Everything: £150/mo

  • 18. Hubbler

    Hubbler is a DIY platform, which requires no coding, allows businesses to create powerful apps to automate their own business operations. Build for iOS, Android, and the web at the same time to provide your team with software that fits like a glove. From conception to finish, you may customise everything about your app. Hubbler automatically engineers digital workflows into native apps for Web, iOS, and Android as you create them on the platform. This ensures that users will get a consistent experience across all of their devices.

  • 19. Rollbar

    All prominent languages and frameworks are supported by Rollbar. By tracing the stack, the tool will aid in root cause analysis. It can trace all the data that you have to debug including request params, local var values, browsers, IPs, etc.

    Free: $0.00/mo

    Essential: $21.00/mo

    Advanced: $82.00/mo

    Enterprise: Contact Sales

  • 20. Incredibuild

    Beyond development, Incredibuild turbocharges compilation, testing, and other compute-intensive operations. The magic happens by distributing processes among idle CPUs in your local network or the cloud in a seamless and concurrent manner, while transparently simulating your local environment on faraway machines. Our technology essentially turns each computing host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigabytes of memory. As a result, practically any workload may now be computed in a fraction of the time.

    Pricing and Plans:
    Flexible pricing: for any team size
    Annual license model
    Custom pricing
    Full-stack solution
    Immediate ROI

There are many more Application Software Development platforms, below are a few :

21. Bitbucket
Website : https://bitbucket.org/product

22. Microsoft Azure
Website : https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/

23. Sublime Text
Website : https://www.sublimetext.com/

24. IntelliJ IDEA
Website : https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/

25. InVision App
Website : https://www.invisionapp.com/

26. GitLab
Website : https://about.gitlab.com/

27. Anypoint Platform
webiste : https://anypoint.mulesoft.com/login/

28. AppSheet
Website : https://www.appsheet.com/

29. Unity
Website : https://unity.com/

30. Oodo
Website : https://www.odoo.com/

31. Bizness Apps
Website : https://www.biznessapps.com/

32. Docker
Website : https://www.docker.com/

33. OutSystems
Website : https://www.outsystems.com/

34. Essential Studio
Website : https://www.syncfusion.com/products/essential-studio

35. Quickbase
Website : https://www.quickbase.com/

36. Heroku
Website : https://www.heroku.com/

37. Swiftify
Website : https://swiftify.com/

38. Claris FileMaker
Website : https://www.claris.com/

39. ProntoForms
Website : https://www.prontoforms.com/

40. New Relic One
Website : https://newrelic.com/platform

41. Wolfram Mathematica
Website : https://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/

42. GeneXus
Website : https://www.genexus.com/en/

43. Apache NetBeans
Website : https://netbeans.apache.org/

44. Ninox
Website : https://ninox.com/en

45. MessageBird
Website : https://www.messagebird.com/en/

46. BuildFire
Website : https://buildfire.com/

47. Codemagic
Website : https://codemagic.io/start/

48. PHPRunner
Website : https://xlinesoft.com/phprunner

49. Datadog
Website : https://www.datadoghq.com/

50. Axure
Website : https://www.axure.com/

51. Amazon EC2
Website : https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/

52. Kintone
Website : https://www.kintone.com/

53. Stackify APM+
Website : https://stackify.com/retrace-application-performance-management/

54. Knack
Website : https://www.knack.com/

55. Oracle JDeveloper
Website : https://www.oracle.com/application-development/technologies/jdeveloper.html

56. CircleCI
Website : https://circleci.com/

57. Appian
Website : https://appian.com/

58. Snappii
Website : https://www.snappii.com/

59. DigitalOcean
Website : https://www.digitalocean.com/

60. Xamarin
Website : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/apps/xamarin

61. Mobiscroll
Website : https://mobiscroll.com/

62. Eclipse IDE
Website : https://www.eclipse.org/ide/

63. RingCaptcha
Website : https://ringcaptcha.com/

64. Webix
Website : https://webix.com/

65. Netlify
Website : https://www.netlify.com/

66. LeanKit
Website : https://www.planview.com/products-solutions/products/leankit/

67. Wing Python IDE
Website : https://wingware.com/

68. Aware IM
Website : https://www.awareim.com/

69. Waydev
Website : https://waydev.co/

70. Kohezion
Website : https://www.kohezion.com/

71. MobiLoud
Website : https://www.mobiloud.com/

72. Uizard
Website : https://uizard.io/

73. Ansible Tower
Website : https://www.ansible.com/products/controller

74. Alpha Anywhere
Website : https://www.alphasoftware.com/

75. TrackVia
Website : https://trackvia.com/

76. Applitools
Website : https://applitools.com/

77. Enterprise Architect
Website : https://sparxsystems.com/

78. AppInstitute
Website : https://appinstitute.com/

79. IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere
Website : https://www.ibm.com/products/rad-for-websphere-software

80. ASP.NET Zero
Website : https://aspnetzero.com/

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