Managed IT Service Providers Data Report from Asia

MSP/MSSPs Company Count:
Total No. of MSPs: 18,785 Companies
Total No. of MSSPs: 4,781 Companies

MSP/MSSPs Decision makers count:
Total No. of MSPs: 65,453 Companies
Total No. of MSSPs: 14,445 Companies

Data list Information fields and delivery

The Asia MSPs Data Report consists of the following fields: Company Name, Company Description, Company Size, Company revenue, Phone #, Founded Year, Technology, Location, Website URL, Contact details/ CEO OR Managing Director, Social Media URLs(LinkedIn Company Profile)

Data is delivered in Excel Spreadsheet format

Counts: MSPs: 18,785
MSSPs: 4,781 Companies

If you’re uncertain whether MSP data reports meet your requirements, please request a sample to review all the fields before placing an order. This will ensure that the data meets your needs and provides the insights required.

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    South Asia

    MSP data reports offer analysts and consultants a valuable opportunity to identify potential investment and partnership prospects. These reports are typically presented in a user-friendly format, making it easier to analyze the data and uncover areas for service delivery improvement or new growth opportunities. By accessing these reports, investing firms, consultants, and analysts can gain valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making.

    How current is the data?

    Each record in our database is verified and confirmed once in every 30 days.