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MSP/ MSSP Data Reports

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Last Updated: October 26, 2023

    MSP/MSSP Data List

    Discover 88,000+ MSPs in our Directory. Companies rely on us to find the ideal MSP to collaborate with. Explore now!

    We provide data reports to the below-covered regions with each package, any country not listed as part of the set packages, we can do a tailored delivery of their reports based on a custom order.

    MSP Data Reports

    Infomsp Managed Service Providers (MSP) Data reports are available in the following


    Companies: 48,484

    Decision Makers Count: 1,69,694

    Decision Makers: CEO, Managing Director, Owner, Founder, CFO, President, VP, Head, Manager, etc.

    Price:  $ 1 per Company (Any no. of contacts)


    Companies : 22,035

    Decision Makers: 77,032

    Decision Makers: CEO, Managing Director, Owner, Founder, CFO, President

    Price:  $ 1 per Company (Any no. of contacts)


    Companies: 18,432

    Decision Makers: 84,235

    Decision Makers: CEO, Managing Director, Owner, Founder, CFO, President

    Price:  $ 1 per Company (Any no. of contacts)


    Companies: 5,237

    Decision Makers: 24,224

    Decision Makers: CEO, Managing Director, Owner, Founder, CFO, President

    Price:  $ 1 per Company (Any no. of contacts)


    MSPs: 48,484
    VARs: 12,547
    SI: 5,924


    MSPs: 33,035
    VARs: 4,527
    SI: 2,051


    MSPs: 18,432
    VARs: 2,417
    SI: 807

    *The Data field for CEO Or managing Director may not be available in all cases, in some cases other fields information also be not available, typically this is under 5% of the records. Some cases may have contacts with different titles within the company are included or replace the CEO.

    ** Data refresh provides an option to request one updated list for 3 months following purchase.

    **Minimum Data Report order should be 1000 Companies, for a custom order please contact us.


    This is not an automated service, each request requires one of our Data Analytics Engineers to export and purge the data before delivery, each request is delivered within 24 hours after the order has been placed. Please contact us for any further information or clarification of doubts.

    If you are still not sure whether Data Reports will meet your needs, request a sample report to review all data fields before placing an order.

    We, at Infomsp update our data and refresh with accurate information see our database and Check our MSP decision makers list.

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    How do you create a data report?

    A Data report is created with accurate verification of the MSP/MSSP information against our directory, the report will have useful information such as Company Linkedin, Company website, Company Revenue, turnover, Company address, decision makers and more. To know more signup for above data report or send an email to [email protected]

    How do you write a data analysis report?

    Data analysis report will be available in the Excel Sheet, with all the information fields available.

    How do you present data in a report?

    InfoMSP Data Reports are presented in MS Excel Sheet, which can be opened/viewed in any popular Excel Sheet viewer such as WPS Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice etc.

    Why is data reporting important?

    Data Reports help connect with companies to partner with them, increase MRR, it is an asset that will help your company grow, increase partners, and generate sales.

    What is the cost of Data report?

    Data report requires a lot of manual work, analysis, and verification of data, if you purchase all the data mentioned above the cost is USD 1.00 per company

    Looking for a Business 2 Business MSPs Data Report?