Data Enrichment/ Data Cleansing

What is Data enrichment Or Data Cleansing?

Data enrichment is the process of appending or otherwise enhancing collected data with relevant context obtained from additional sources.


For example, if a company is found within an application log, that company name can be referenced against a central Database to obtain the Company missing information, such as Company Address, Website, Headquarters, Annual turnover, and so on.

Data enrichment can occur in two primary ways. The first is by performing a lookup at the time of collection and appending the contextual information into the missing log. Another method is to perform a lookup at the time the event is scrutinized.

To maintain the quality of data and its accuracy without losing any of the information, hence Data enrichment, fragmentation, or missing data particularly happens during data migration where customer information may get lost. We Infomsp, help you stitch that missing or fragmented data and build accurate quality data information.

Enriching data gives you more knowledge about your business and your customers and gives you more ammunition to improve your brand presence. It describes valuable data that is relevant to the particular problem situation and can be shared by stakeholders, customers, managers, and shareholders. For example, if you combine customer information from sales conversations, you have enriched data.

Combining trusted and authoritative information with existing data improves business decisions and customer experiences. By scraping online data sources and extracting data from them, companies can create a continuous enrichment process. Companies and boards of directors are trying to introduce a higher level of personalization and the ability to combine different data sources and provide them with powerful tools to improve their services.

Data Cleansing/ Enrichment

During data clean-up, inaccurate or corrupt data is detected and removed. Data cleansing is the process of identifying your contact information, correcting valid contacts, and attaching (also known as contact enrichment) – a process in which additional information is added to existing contacts to complete the data. It identifies inaccuracies and redundancies in your database so that you can add or enhance your data with complete and up-to-date information.

Enrichment tools can be applied to an organization’s insights to develop accurate and detailed data on a company’s customer base. This combines first-hand data with other information from internal and external sources.

Through the Data enrichment process or augmentation, Infomsp enhances the existing information by supplementing missing or incomplete data.


If companies know that they have a reliable means of enriching data they can reduce the amount of data they must collect. For example, companies can ask their customers for less information by enriching the data collected during the subscription process for a newsletter or website.

If your business is launching a new product or service and wants to improve customer relations, you can take, rededicate and enrich the same data to generate new business insights. Customer personalization is a digital business imperative that requires clean, updated, and enhanced customer data.

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    Thanks to data enrichment, your team has the opportunity to obtain customer data from conversations with virtual humanoids. The data gained from these conversations can enrich existing information in your CRM and be a more robust sales intelligence tool. Enriched CRM data means more accurate insights and conclusions from your existing database that you can draw from.

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    Why is data enrichment important?
    Data Enrichment enables businesses to make their basic data more usable. 
    It enables organisations to augment the original data set with additional and missing data to make it more useful. 
    With accurate feature selection, you may fill in consumer intelligence gaps and collect data insights.
    What is data enrichment service?

    Data Enrichment Services are procedures for improving marketing databases. They assist you in obtaining accurate leads by deleting obsolete and incorrect data, as well as other issues. In other words, Data Enrichment improves the quality of your database, making it more valuable for marketing campaigns.

    What is data cleansing and enrichment?

    Data cleansing is the process of determining whether your contact data is still correct/valid. Contact enrichment (also known as “contact appending”) is the process of adding extra information to your existing contacts for more full data.

    How do you enrich customer data?

    Once InfoMSP receives the data to be enriched from the customer, we analyse the customer data with real-time analysis of customer conversation, combine social media and market data with customer data, and identify customer insights for effective data enrichment

    Which type of businesses use data enrichment?

    Any Business which has data with missing information fields needs the data to be added or contact appending can use the Data Enrichment to benefit from their data set and get the full enriched data with verified fields.

    When do you need a data enrichment?

    The process of increasing existing information by augmenting missing or incomplete data is known as data enrichment or augmentation. Typically, data enrichment is accomplished through the use of external data sources, however this is not always the case. When your company launches a new product or service or wishes to improve customer connections, you may reuse and enrich the same data set, resulting in fresh business insights.

    What is third-party data enrichment?
    Data Enrichment is the process of supplementing customer-provided data (first-party data) with data from third party (third-party data). 
    Data Appending is another term for Data Enrichment.

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