We Track 10,000+ Technologies and maintain them.

InfoMSP Data Collection and Verification Process

Our Data Our Data

01. Search

Infomsp search and analyze from millions of public documents to get the relevant information.

02. Supplement

We supplement our data and make it more comprehensive, we also license data from third parties.

03. Validate

Test and validate information, correct unverified information, analyze and label our data, based on roles.

04. Accuracy

The data delivered is accurate to the level of 95% and any unverified information is sent back to our team for manual verification.

10,000+ Technologies Tracked and Maintained.

Our Data Our Data

High-Quality data only

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality data, we put our strength at this at great length to ensure the information you get from infomsp is accurate and up-to-date, we not only verify the data in real-time also have a manual team to sit and verify the details for you for the highest accuracy.
Infomsp in a nutshell provides industry-standard accuracy of data with real-time and manual verification of data.

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Our Data Our Data

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