Top 10 Server Management Software.

What is a Server Management Software ?

IT system administrators use server management software to monitor and optimise the performance and overall health of their servers. The programme also includes a centralised repository for storing information about previous server outages and event logs. A server management software features include the ability to track all of your servers that offer cloud services or provision virtual machines from a single interface, l earn about performance metrics including CPU/memory usage, temperature, and power supply status, a nalyze graphs to learn about server usage patterns and allocate resources to meet changing server demand, c reate a collection of server logs, such as records of web server page requests, and analyse them to spot trends or recurring problems, receive notifications for server issues, such as website traffic overloads, through email or SMS, system crash, and unauthorized access.

Server Management Sw

Top Server Management Software

Here are the options for the best Server Management Software.

Server Management Sw

1. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a simple and cost-effective network monitoring solution. It keeps track of routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines, printers, storage devices, and everything else with an IP address and a network connection. ManageEngine OpManager keeps a constant eye on the network and gives you complete insight and control over it. You can simply dive down to the underlying source of a problem and eliminate it before operations are harmed. Monitor network health and crucial metrics like packet loss, latency, speed, errors, and discards, as well as analyse performance bottlenecks, using over 2000 built-in network performance monitors. Use multi-level thresholds to keep an eye on network performance. Set several thresholds for each crucial performance monitor and receive fast warnings if any are exceeded.

Site24X7 Server Management.

2. Site24x7

With Site24X7 stay on top of your data centre resources by monitoring your servers and complete architecture for crucial performance metrics. With their comprehensive server monitoring, you can get in-depth visibility into key performance indicators of application servers, mail servers, web servers, virtual servers, database servers, and more to eliminate downtime and server performance issues. Start monitoring up to 10 servers for just $9 per month, with over 60 performance measures and in-depth inventory reports. Server availability and health are monitored utilising important indicators such as CPU use by processor or by core, used and free memory, and other metrics. Get a prediction of your disc consumption and make plans to make the most of it. To proactively handle network faults and outages, analyse input and output network traffic, as well as bandwidth use.

Atera Server Management.

3. Atera

Atera is an easy-to-use remote monitoring and management tool for MSPs and IT professionals. In a single platform, we incorporate RMM and PSA, Remote Access, Billing, Reporting, and more. It provides real-time notifications on RAM utilisation, hard disc usage, CPU load, antivirus, and configurable event viewer alerts, among other things. Instant network scans are available, allowing you to quickly identify new upsell chances. Manage a wide range of services while maintaining a high level of flexibility and never failing to meet SLAs. Administrative and maintenance actions that can be applied to servers and workstations have been pre-configured. It allows you to I dentify and automate software patch updates to keep your clients' networks up to date. Custom maintenance jobs can be scripted, executed, and tracked.You can automate your IT administration even more.

Ninjaone Server Management.

4. NinjaOne

NinjaOne RMM software will make your technicians more efficient so you can focus on value-added tasks, thanks to one of the quickest deployment periods, #1-rated ease-of-use, and minimum management overhead. With sophisticated IT management solutions that help you get the job done right, you can easily address common issues, automate tier 1 processes, and support end-users from behind the scenes. With NinjaRMM's #1 rated customer support, free training, and gratis onboarding, you'll get the help you need. They are there to help you support your clients when you need it. With rapid access to your Windows, Mac, Linux, SNMP, or VMWare devices through a single pane of glass, you can quickly handle IT issues and save downtime. Ninja's strong, built-in endpoint management toolkit can help you resolve IT issues without interrupting your users. 

Solarwinds Server Management.

5. SolarWinds

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Designed to give you visibility into your applications and the infrastructure that supports them, whether they're on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Identify the source of performance problems quickly. Everything from applications to virtual hosts to the health of your server hardware is monitored. With 1200+ OOTB templates, you can gain visibility into the health and performance of your hybrid IT infrastructure. To swiftly get to the root cause of performance issues, employ thresholds, warnings, and advanced visualisations. Right-size resource allocation allows you to keep track of capacity and optimise server and hardware investments. The ability to get started in minutes, monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and more are all key features. Custom monitoring via REST APIs, WMI, SNMP, and PowerShell scripts, as well as customizable server monitoring and dependency mapping.

Server Management Sw

6. N-able RMM

With N‑able™ RMM, a remote monitoring and management solution designed to get you up and running quickly and scale as you grow, you can support, manage, and assist protect your customers. With script-free automation, you can be up and running in no time and quadruple your team's impact and profits. With advanced layered security solutions, you can help protect against evolving threats. Add the features you need, when you need them, to your services at your own speed. It has its benefits to be able to see everything. You can ensure that devices and endpoints are proactively managed in one place, from recognising and identifying to maintaining and monitoring. For a complete set of device checks right out of the box, use the default monitoring templates. Manage and support user communities for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Nagios Server Management.

7. Nagios XI

All mission-critical infrastructure components, including as applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and network infrastructure, are monitored by Nagios XI. Hundreds of third-party addons provide monitoring of almost all internal applications, services, and systems. The robust Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine allows users to monitor server performance to the maximum level possible. High-efficiency worker processes provide practically indefinite scalability and effectiveness monitoring. Gives you a centralised view of your complete IT network and business activities. Powerful dashboards give you instant access to critical monitoring data and third-party data. Users can quickly get the information that is most valuable to them thanks to views. A robust GUI allows for per-user customization of style, design, and preferences, providing your customers and team members the freedom they desire.

Logicmonitor Server Management.

8. LogicMonitor

With LogicMonitor's SaaS-based monitoring software, you can keep track of the health and performance of your whole server infrastructure. Ensure total visibility across your on-prem and virtual servers, instantaneously and automatically, with LogicMonitor's lightweight, agentless collector. Comprehensive server monitoring necessitates more than just CPU and RAM alerting, but it shouldn't necessitate a lot of setup. Enter an IP address for your server – on-premise or in the cloud – and you're done using LogicMonitor. For Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and other operating systems, LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on CPU, Memory, Network, and many other OS metrics. You can drill down into CPU utilisation, disc space, RAM, and a variety of other OS characteristics for specific hosts in a matter of seconds. Examine server-based programmes including databases, mail servers, and web servers.

Server Management Sw

9. Dynatrace

Dynatrace displays you your servers' CPU, memory, and network health information all the way down to the process level in under five minutes. It is no longer essential to configure your monitoring setup manually. As soon as new virtual machines are deployed, auto detection begins monitoring them. Dynatrace is the only solution that displays network metrics particular to processes. Dynatrace provides a detailed picture of your virtualized network infrastructure. You'll always know how your virtual hosts are doing. View the effects of each vMotion event. Dynatrace learns your application's baseline performance under load, including response times, error rates, and behaviour. If a code deployment results in exceptionally high resource consumption, you'll be notified right away.

Server Management Sw

10. Cpanel

Syslint's Cpanel server administration service is one of their best-selling services. They have almost a decade of expertise administering tens of thousands of cpanel servers. As a result, delivering excellent Cpanel server support is something they do on a regular basis. Their reactive Cpanel server management solutions are ideal if you only require assistance when an event occurs. They propose the proactive Cpanel/whm server support plan if you require proactive server audit, monitoring, and updates. Cpanel server installation and configuration are included in their Cpanel server support services. They 'll set up your server with everything you'll need to establish a Cpanel hosting business. Another noteworthy feature is their Cpanel hardening service. They implement custom Cpanel firewalls and check Cpanel servers for malware.

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