Top 10 OpenStack Consulting Service Providers

What is OpenStack ?

OpenStack is a cloud operating system that manages and provisiones huge pools of compute, storage, and networking resources across a datacenter via APIs and common authentication mechanisms. A dashboard is also offered, which allows administrators to maintain control while empowering users to provision resources via a web interface. Additional components, in addition to typical infrastructure-as-a-service capability, include orchestration, fault management, and service management, among other services, to ensure that user applications are available at all times.


Top OpenStack Consulting Service Providers

Here are the lists of the best OpenStack Consulting Service providers.

Citynetwork Openstack

1. City Network

City Network is a global leader in public cloud services. It uses OpenStack to provide public, compliant, and private clouds. City Network is ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27010, 27013, 27015, 27017, and 27018 certified, which are internationally recognised quality, sustainability, and information security standards. It has more than 20 data centres throughout the world where it provides services. City Network ensures that customers comply with demands arising from certain laws and regulations relating to auditing, reputability, data management, and data security, such as Basel, Solvency, and GDPR, using its compliant cloud. City Cloud makes it simple to create solutions that fully utilise OpenStack's capabilities across various locations.

Mirantis Openstack

2. Mirantis

Mirantis is the world's leading pure-play OpenStack provider. They provide the technology, integration, training, and support that production-grade clouds require. More clients trust Mirantis to scale out OpenStack without vendor lock-in than anyone else. Mirantis is a managed open cloud service provider. Mirantis has more clients than any other company relying on open source innovation free of vendor lock-in. Through their continually supplied Mirantis Cloud Platform and SLA-backed cloud management services, they supply OpenStack, Kubernetes, and related open source technologies to top corporations and telcos using a build-operate-transfer strategy. Mirantis provides proactive support for your organisation and workloads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, much like an in-house staff.

Ivolve Openstack

3. iVolve Technologies

iVolve Technologies specialises in cloud service design, development, security, and management. They assist service providers and telecom in deploying OpenStack and Kubernetes-based Software Defined Cloud Datacenters. They also assist businesses with the digital transformation of their IT operations through the use of cloud services. If you're a service provider, their expertise can assist you in delivering a fully managed OpenStack cloud while also ensuring that security, compliance, and sovereignty requirements are met. They can also use software-defined networking and storage (SDN & SDS) technologies to update your network and storage. Their talented DevOps team can create the orchestration and automation needed to scale services.

Red Hat Openstack

4. Red Hat

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, delivering dependable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage, and virtualization technologies through a community-driven approach. Red Hat is a prominent contributor to the OpenStack project and is dedicated to offering enterprise-grade, open source OpenStack solutions for a wide range of end-users, all built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux's industry-leading platform. Customers can get help from Red Hat Consulting at any point in their cloud journey. They assist you in developing your strategy, accelerating adoption, and providing mentoring for seamless knowledge transfer through a full range of OpenStack products.

Component Soft Openstack

5. Component Soft

Component Soft is an IT training and consulting firm situated in Budapest, Hungary, with a 25-year history in mission-critical IT systems and services throughout Europe, North and Latin America, and beyond. Open-source cloud and cloud-native subjects such as Openstack, Docker, Ceph, Kubernetes, and Ansible are among their key areas of expertise. Global telecom suppliers, operators, and IT service providers are among their primary customers. Their mission as a long-time supporter of the Openstack Foundation, and more recently the OpenInfra Foundation, is to provide high-quality and affordable training in Openstack and related open-source cloud technologies to OpenInfra Foundation member companies as well as individual contributors, thereby assisting in the development, spread, and implementation of these technologies.

Rackspace Openstack

6. Rackspace

Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) is a provider of IT infrastructure for companies that require speed and dependability. Customers benefit from working with actual technical experts who are dedicated to providing Fanatical Support. Rackspace collaborated with NASA to create OpenStack in 2010 and is still the most active supporter of the world's first planet-scale cloud operating system. Rackspace has the infrastructure to complete your next project, from new goods to a full range of dependable cloud offerings. They provide the necessary documentation to help you started with their products and services, whether you're just getting started or looking for a reference on something you've been using for a long.

Ibm Private Cloud.

7. IBM

IBM is a leader in private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions around the world. For efficiently establishing and growing private clouds and hybrid clouds, IBM offers an integrated family of cloud technologies based on open standards. IBM has a long history of assisting open source initiatives. IBM continues to make major investments in people and resources to enable and grow the success of the OpenStack community and code as a founding and platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation. This service assists with the customization of the OpenStack solution for single, multiple, or hybrid clouds. Solution documentation, skill transfer, and follow-up counselling are also covered.

Awcloud Openstack

8. AWcloud

To succeed with production-grade OpenStack clouds, AWcloud provides a one-stop professional solution for enterprises, covering design, deployment, further development, operation, migration, Linux support, skill transfer, and follow-on consultation. In China, AWcloud is the largest provider of OpenStack-based cloud solutions. Their core team has decades of expertise creating, implementing, and maintaining large-scale cloud infrastructures and has a strong customer reputation. They continue to promote OpenStack as the de facto cloud platform, and they are one of China's leading contributors to the programme. Furthermore, they actively participate in local communities and assist in the formation of the China OpenStack Usergroup.

Easystack Openstack

9. EasyStack

EasyStack is a China-based OpenStack platform, solution, and services provider. It was formed by senior members of IBM China's OpenStack lab, and it remains one of the most active Chinese contributors to the OpenStack projects. According to Baidu and Google, EasyStack supports, one of China's most prominent OpenStack technical communities. Throughout the year, hosts a number of OpenStack meetups and activities across China. EasyStack is Asia's most trusted pure OpenStack leader. They can assist customers design, create, and manage private, hybrid, and public clouds using professional OpenStack services. Its services include Cloud Strategy, Feature Development (adding features to OpenStack), Operations, Proof of Concept, Support and System Integration.

Nec Openstack

10. NEC

NEC is a global leader in innovative and integrated IT and networking solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure, cutting-edge cloud platforms, and tried-and-true applications to satisfy clients' complex and evolving needs. As a Gold member of the OpenStack Foundation, NEC helps to the promotion of OpenStack. NEC will contribute to the expansion of OpenStack ecosystems as industrial demand for technology turns to services enabled by cloud computing. NEC offers cloud solutions for organisations and service providers who want to use cloud services or construct their own cloud environment to improve operations or launch new businesses fast and easily.

Stack Openstack

11. StackHPC

StackHPC is a cloud and OpenStack consulting firm. Their headquarters, which was founded in 2016, is in Bristol, UK, where the majority of their workforce is based. StackHPC offers Professional Services centred on the use of open-source software. Their technological team consists of world-class experts in cloud infrastructure for research computing convergence, HPC and Machine Learning, in particular. Their clients are diversified and come from a variety of industries. Their desire for a high-performance cloud unites them. StackHPC is an active participant in the OpenStack community. Principal staff members are involved in OpenStack and research computing community projects. Their CTO is a co-founder and co-chair of the Scientific Special Interest Group of the OpenStack Foundation.

Dell Openstack

12. Dell

Dell helps countries, communities, and individuals throughout the world use technology to achieve their goals. Customers rely on them to provide technology solutions that enable them to achieve more, whether at home, at work, at school, or anywhere else in the world. With OpenStack technology, Dell creates and provides versatile, modular, and scalable open cloud computing solutions. As a Foundation Gold Sponsor, Meetup Organizer, and code contributor, Dell has been a long-time supporter of OpenStack. Dell has been empowering countries, communities, customers, and people all across the world to use technology to accomplish their aspirations for more than 30 years. Customers rely on them to provide technology solutions that enable them to accomplish more.


13. Canonical’s Private Cloud Build

Canonical's Private Cloud Build is a fixed-price consulting package for designing and deploying OpenStack on Ubuntu. Hardware recommendations, flexible architectural options, design workshops, deployment, and post-deployment validation are all included. Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux distribution in public clouds, data centres, and edge computing. Canonical, the publisher and maintainer of Ubuntu, offers commercial customers of OpenStack on Ubuntu enterprise security, support, and services. Canonical is committed to OpenStack by offering a carrier-grade OpenStack distribution that includes security patching, commercial support, and fully-managed services, all while ensuring private cloud price-performance.

Vexxhost Openstack


The consulting services provided by VEXXHOST are designed to help you get your OpenStack projects up and operating quickly and smoothly. They can assist you reduce the time and hazards associated with OpenStack upgrades and component applications, as well as provide strategic advice. VEXXHOST is a well-known hosting firm that specialises in public cloud computing services powered by the OpenStack projects. All of the services are built with performance, reliability, and security in mind. By often donating code to the compute project, Nova, they show their commitment to the OpenStack ecosystem. Furthermore, they are dedicated to raising knowledge about the OpenStack projects through educational materials and presentations.

Object Openstack

15. Objectif Libre

Objectif Libre provides a comprehensive range of consulting and training services for cloud and infrastructure platforms that are innovative and Open Source.  They assist their customers in the creation of their Cloud, the virtualization of their infrastructure, and the organisation of staff skill upgrades in these areas. They are experts in Cloud Computing / OpenStack & Ceph, Virtualization and Containers / Docker, KVM, LXC, Centralized Systems Automation / Puppet & Ansible, and general Open Source Linux environment tools as a result of their extensive contributions to Open Source communities. Their staff are based in Paris and Toulouse (France) and provide services in both French and English wherever their customers demand them.

Ultimum Openstack

16. Ultimum Services

Ultimum Services offers a comprehensive range of services, including architecture, implementation, and support, to help you build and manage an OpenStack solution. Customization, management, and monitoring are some of the other services available. Ultimum Technologies offers public cloud services as well as complex custom cloud solutions. Their public cloud services make it simple to construct a powerful, scalable, and secure virtual infrastructure for a variety of computational workloads and applications. Their  long-term ability to provide worldwide cloud solutions and services with high added value to all of their customers is based on their innovative, systematic approach and technological know-how built on the OpenStack platform. They place a premium on the quality of their project designs, which helps you achieve your business objectives.

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