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What is Colocation Centre?

A Colocation Centre which is sometimes also called as colo or “carrier hotel”, is a kind of data centre where retail customers can rent equipment, space, and bandwidth for their servers. Colocation facilities provide space, electricity, cooling, and physical security for other companies’ server, storage, and networking equipment, as well as connecting them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers at a low cost and with minimal complexity. Businesses that use colocation services might profit from a variety of advantages. Leasing space in a colocation facility is less expensive than building or expanding a data centre, for example. Colocation facilities allow tenants to utilise their own server and storage gear. A colocation data centre follows tight physical security protocols and may also provide cyber-security protection. On-site technical help is almost always available in colocation facilities. Additional data centre space is frequently available if you need it, so a colocation data centre may grow with you.

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Top Colocation Centers

Here are the lists of the best Colocation Centers.


1. Equinix

Equinix data centre colocation provides you with a secure gateway to the world's most diversified and dynamic ecosystem of premier services, networks, suppliers, and partners. Private demarcation gives you complete control over your interconnections while also protecting your deployment. Equinix's whole portfolio of interconnection and digital infrastructure services is available to you, and it's all connected with your digital infrastructure. Trust Equinix's best-in-class standard or custom data centre colocation configurations with your deployment. You can create a cage or cabinet that meets your exact technical, operational, and security requirements. Configure circuits and infrastructure for maximum uptime and power efficiency. The platform provides  Power circuits and infrastructure that are suited for your infrastructure to maintain uptime. Utilize data centres that are innovative, resilient, efficient, and sustainable all around the world.


2. Digital Realty

Digital Realty data centres are built to let your organisation swiftly deploy with move-in ready solutions or quickly customise to meet your specific needs. They've got you covered, from single cabinets to multi-Megawatt deployments, with the experience, security, and resiliency required in today's digital economy. PlatformDIGITAL®, their flexible global platform, brings it all together by providing customers with the tools they need to build a global, strategic IT infrastructure to fulfil their business objectives. Colocation solutions that alter and scale as your needs evolve, including move-in ready cages and cabinets to match your hybrid IT requirements. Without making a large capital investment, you can have the privacy and control of a private data centre.


3. Cyxtera

Cyxtera enables organisations to scale quicker, meet rising customer demands, and gain a competitive edge by integrating best-in-class colocation, intelligent automation, and speedy connection across a large ecosystem of service providers. Cyxtera is a global leader in retail colocation, with more than 60 data centres in 29 markets. Their API-driven, carrier-neutral platform was created from the ground up with the purpose of becoming the world's most future-ready, expandable data centre platform. Cyxtera's growing partner ecosystem enables your company to establish on-demand connections to best-in-class network, cloud, and technology service providers, with access to 182+ cloud on-ramps and 1,000+ networks. Select one of Cyxtera's Enterprise Bare Metal options to quickly provision a dedicated server tailored to your company's needs. They can supply your company with secure, high-performance power and connectivity thanks to their agreements with top-tier providers like NVIDIA, Nutanix, Fujitsu, and HPE.


4. CoreSite

CoreSite offers cloud-enabled data centre and connectivity solutions that are safe, stable, and high-performance, as well as excellent customer service. Within and across all of their cloud-enabled facilities, CoreSite provides plenty of potential for expansion. Their scalable data centre solutions allow you to grow at your own speed, and their countrywide footprint of over 4.6 million square feet in 8 key markets is always ready to expand when you are. CoreSite is also linked to hundreds of regional, national, and worldwide networks, giving you a wide range of alternatives for staying in touch with clients and enhancing service delivery. And we're constantly adding new features to ensure that we continue to deliver best-in-class performance, availability, and uptime to your clients.


5. Verizon

Colocation from Verizon is a great solution for any company that requires more data centre capabilities or space while keeping IT expenditures down. With data centres across the world and the greatest high-capacity connectivity options, Verizon provides the highest levels of availability in the business. Their colocation services provide you with dedicated space in secure facilities with high availability and worldwide connection. Managing complex systems becomes simple with their on-site service and remote monitoring solutions. Verizon offers data centres that are designed for performance, uptime, and efficiency. When you need more capacity, you can expand your area. Facilities all over the world to help your company expand into new markets. Diverse networks with carrier connectivity possibilities, redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery services are all built-in.


6. Sungard AS

Sungard AS' colocation services are tailored to your exact operating requirements, allowing you to maintain control while enhancing availability and lowering expenses. Their flexible contracting allows you to expand a high-performance single-site or dual-location colocation service to meet your business demands, and their interconnect services allow customers to securely connect to external resources such as the internet and hyperscalers. Our secure data centres offer on-site management and professional support for customer colocation equipment and application environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flexible security solutions, hardened data and connected servers, storage and backup facilities back up your service support. You can quickly access cloud and other applications. Your workloads can connect to hundreds of cloud service providers in a secure and easy manner.


7. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is empowering changemakers like you to achieve hybrid IT success with safe, compliant data centres and efficient access to leading carriers, cloud, and IT services providers, from single cabinets to wholesale data centres. For wholesale needs, you can pick between hyperscale-ready build-to-suit or specialised data centers/MODs. With consumption-based power pricing and extra physical protection layers, you can save money on electricity. If you are l ooking for a data centre with enough power for six or more cabinets (30+ kilowatts) as well as greater flexibility and privacy than a standard locking cabine, you can take a look at Iron Mountain's safe data centre cages. Data centre cabinets, which are available at all Iron Mountain colocation sites, can be set up in a matter of days and provide scalability, reliability, and flexible power options to help your organisation develop.


8. Data Foundry

Data Foundry provides colocation services for businesses of all sizes, ranging from 1/2 cabinets to private data suites. We own and manage premium carrier-neutral colocation facilities in Austin and Houston, Texas, with in-house support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They employ certified technicians, engineers, and electricians in-house. They are an operator-owned company driven by IT and Internet industry expertise. They do not use contractors and are solely responsible for their services and customer support. With their CloudTap and cross-connect services, they can enable hybrid infrastructure models. You can c onnect your deployment to them, other data centre footprints, and your corporate offices to major cloud providers in a secure and simple manner. Additional security features, such as gated entry access, security booth manned 24x7, bullet-proof man trap, badged entry, biometric scanners, CCTV cameras, cabinets and cages with custom security, monitor and video archive, can be added to your deployment in addition to their data centre security features.


9. KDDI Telehouse

Telehouse owns and maintains 46 data centres across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States. We provide IT and telecom services in over 170 countries as a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, Japan's second largest telecoms firm. Telehouse's advantages include being one of Germany's largest and most advanced data centres. It allows for a direct connection to DE-CIX, one of the world's most important Internet exchange points. Telehouse owns and operates it entirely, i.e., it does not outsource its colocation services. Flexible colocation options that meet the highest security standards are available. Telehouse has a global network of data centres that you can use if you want to. From a single source, additional IT services (cloud, connection, and system integration) are available.



NTT Global Data Centers  platform is one of the world's largest. In the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Colocation and Interconnection Services 2021 Vendor Assessment, NTT is ranked as a Leader in more than 20 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Africa, India, and APAC. They give access to different cloud providers, a wide range of Internet Exchanges, and communications network providers, including their own IPv6 compliant, tier 1 global IP network, as a neutral operator. Across all of their dependable, scalable, and configurable data centres, their clients benefit from specialised infrastructure and consistent best practises in design and operations.

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