Top 10 AWS Managed Service Providers

What is AWS ?

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) is an Amazon company that offers metered pay-as-you-go cloud computing platforms and APIs to consumers, businesses, and governments. These web services for cloud computing include a variety of basic abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and utilities. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one of these services, which allows users to have a virtual cluster of computers available at all times through the Internet. Virtual computers on AWS have hardware central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard-disk/SSD storage, a choice of operating systems, networking, and pre-loaded application software like web servers, databases, and customer relationship management. The Amazon subsidiary maintains the AWS technology, which is used in server farms all around the world. Fees are determined by a combination of consumption (a “Pay-as-you-go” model), hardware, operating system, software, or networking characteristics selected by the subscriber, as well as availability, redundancy, security, and service options.


Top AWS Managed Service Providers

Here are the lists of the best AWS managed service providers.

2Nd Watch Aws

1. 2nd Watch

2nd Watch is made up of agile teams of AWS professionals who are dedicated to bringing value to clients across their entire AWS experience. The customer connection is founded on a foundation of trust, transparency, and advocacy for the 2nd Watch team. They serve their customer .  From the beginning, what the firm has been and what it represents today has always been founded on client feedback at every stage of the customer interaction. While 2nd Watch developed its principal business on the fundamentals of a next-generation MSP, such as end-to-end capabilities, security, automation, and long-term connections, the team has expanded its MSP practise in response to the changing needs of its customer base. Customer feedback was crucial in the development of the 2nd Watch team's managed service practise, and it continues to impact the company's path.

Cloudnexa Aws Msp

2. Cloudnexa

The Cloudnexa team will tailor a solution to your company process, no matter how complicated it is. They can help you create a complete and continuous strategy to supporting your cloud infrastructure by combining Cloudnexa's skilled support engineers with their Cloudscan platform. You can plan, develop, and optimise your cloud deployments with the help of a Solutions Architect. The Solution Architect from Cloudnexa will assess the present state of the organization's systems to decide how the optimum solution may be implemented in the cloud. The evaluation might be done on an existing solution or a new one that hasn't been installed yet. This process will entail collaboration with all business stakeholders to ensure that the end result best matches their clients' resources and skill sets. While planning for future company goals and ambitions, designing an AWS Cloud solution that is operationally successful, reliable, secure, and cost effective.

Accenture Aws Msp

3. Accenture

Accenture is a multinational professional services firm that offers an end-to-end solution for migrating to and managing operations on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Accenture's 500,000-plus employees include more than 20,000 skilled professionals with more than 10,000 AWS certifications. Offerings and capabilities to facilitate cloud transformation from start to finish. Services include strategy, design, planning, implementation, and management. It provides data transfer, transformation, and data lake design and implementation services. AWS native data and analytics solutions can help you create new data value chains. AWS is linked with Accenture Insights Platform (AIP). Accenture Managed Service for AWS can help you improve the quality of your services.  AWS services are based on AI and machine learning technologies.You can extend the reach of business-driven insights.

Capgemini Aws Msp

4. Capgemini

Capgemini is focused on growing their cloud capabilities with AWS across all sectors in order to help customers stay ahead of the competition. They provide the fuel for digital transformations that increase corporate agility, re-invent business models, and improve operational efficiency. Capgemini has been working with AWS for more than seven years and has set numerous milestones. They can provide a complete cloud hosting solution, as well as industry-specific solutions, ongoing management, and continuous improvement. Their integrated, end-to-end solutions let you take use of AWS technologies and techniques to get the most out of the cloud. Capgemini has a track record of successfully migrating and optimising workloads on the AWS cloud. Industry leaders such as GE Oil & Gas, Broad Green Pictures, ABN AMRO, Telenor Connexion, and Gas Natural have firsthand experience with Capgemini and AWS' business agility, business model flexibility, and operational efficiency.

Cloudreach Aws Msp

5. Cloudreach

As the premier provider of cloud-native solutions, Cloudreach has worked with AWS for over a decade. By empowering their individual journeys to AWS, they are assisting enterprises in transforming how they do business. Cloudreach has acquired an unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business over the course of more than ten years of cloud native experience. Cloudreach is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner with 11 competencies and over 600 certifications who has assisted customers with hundreds of AWS migration and modernisation projects. Cloudreach and Amazon Web Services recently inked a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to help drive global cloud adoption. The broad agreement will result in a faster time to market for their joint offering, as well as investments in Cloudreach software innovation, global development, and the launch of a Talent Academy.

Onica Aws Msp

6. Onica

With ground-breaking new service models like Elastic Engineering and thousands of AWS cloud certified specialists, the Onica team can keep you functioning at peak levels, allowing your team to focus on delivering outcomes that matter. They help to elevate workloads in the AWS cloud.  They handle the entire build, release, and go-live process. Access to security tools and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CI/CD pipelines and automated deployments will be handled by them. Expertise in setting up and testing a disaster recovery environment. Your load testing and optimization will be handled by them. Tagging, billing, use, and RIs are all handled. You can scale up and down on a monthly basis as your company's needs vary. Alongside your teams, use an agile, sprint-based strategy. You can work with the same Pod that is familiar with your environment and objectives. Improvement, empowerment, and transformation are all part of the process.

Cognizant Aws Msp

7. Cognizant

Cognizant helps global companies develop resilient, contemporary, and secure digital platforms on the AWS Cloud, allowing them to accelerate innovation, scale business services, and increase operational agility. Cognizant advances your digital transformation path through core modernisation as a premium AWS partner. Through three primary capabilities: Cloud Consult, Cloud Migrate, and Cloud Operate, they drive efficiencies, open up new business options, and provide richer customer experiences. Cognizant's AWS Cloud Consult service helps you accelerate your growth plan by allowing you to create a roadmap for your digital transformation journey through application portfolio rationalisation. Cognizant's Cloud Migrate is a comprehensive service that transforms platforms, applications, and data to help you execute your AWS cloud migration strategy. For full-stack migration, which includes apps, infrastructure, security, and DevOps, they use a disciplined, risk-averse strategy.

Infosys Aws Msp

8. Infosys

Infosys, an Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, integrates intellectual property with advanced tools to realise the promise of cloud implementation and/or migration. Migration competency, MSP partner, channel partner, financial services competency, life sciences competency, data and analytics competency, and public services competency are among Infosys AWS capabilities. In the data and analytics area, Infosys assists businesses of all sizes with scalable, cost-effective, and secure big data solutions on AWS. Their solutions are built on three pillars: boundaryless information, pervasive analytics, and progressive organisation, and they help businesses turn into analytics-driven businesses. In the retail industry, Infosys assists customers in transforming their businesses by improving omnichannel consumer experience, optimising processes across the supply chain, and modernising their landscape by replatforming mainframe environments and developing store integration platforms on AWS.

Dxc Aws Msp

9. DXC Technology

DXC can help you securely and at scale migrate to AWS so you can take advantage of its innovations and get the most out of your applications, cloud, workspace, analytics, and hyperscale computing. The Enterprise Technology Stack is used by DXC, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider, to facilitate transformative journeys to AWS Cloud. AWS provides agility, scale, innovation, cost savings, and performance among other benefits. They work together to update and maintain your apps and infrastructure, as well as expand your company and connect with customers. DXC's services for cloud, applications, and analytics include strategy, design, migration, and managed services as an AWS Solution Provider and Premier Consulting Partner. They assist you in modernising and maximising your cloud investments, as well as integrating them with your existing IT infrastructure.

Hcl Aws Msp

10. HCL Technologies

HCL is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner, as well as a Migration Competency, DevOps Competency, SAP Competency, Storage Competency, and Managed Service Provider. Enterprises can use HCL's capabilities and expertise in delivering Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based solutions to plan for digital transformation and begin their journey to becoming cloud native. They offer end-to-end AWS Managed Services through HCL's ElasticOps, a certified managed services partner that assists in the development of mature AWS solutions, cost optimization, and better business agility. They also invest heavily in educating and certifying AWS architects, associates, and 24/7 global delivery resources to provide best-in-class cloud enablement and administration services. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the foundation for a cloud journey, HCL provides comprehensive and creative cloud solutions that enable their customers to become Cloud Native Enterprises.

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