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What is Managed Print Services ?

Managed print services (MPS) are services provided by a third party to help a firm optimise or manage its document production. Needs assessment, selective or broad hardware replacement, and service, parts, and supplies required to run new and/or current hardware are the key components supplied (including existing third-party equipment if this is required by the customer). The service provider also keeps track of how the printer, fax, copier, and MFP fleet is utilized, as well as any issues and user satisfaction.

Managed Print Services

Top Managed Print Service Providers

Here are the lists of best Managed Print Service providers.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

1. MyQ

MyQ works tirelessly to ensure that the rapid speed of technological advancement benefits its consumers rather than the other way around. They communicate with their clients and partners on a regular basis, solving specific problems for specific people, and developing new strategies to make their IT and printer fleet operations more efficient and straightforward. MyQ mobile printing is more than just printing from a smartphone or tablet. With the MyQ application (iOS and Android), you can authenticate yourself and control your jobs from your mobile phone or tablet, effectively converting it into a portable workstation. With MyQ's fully mobile printing, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a workstation. For your data, the platform enables complete authentication and security. Only after authentication with an ID card, PIN, password, or the MyQ X mobile app does MyQ X provide users full control over the release of their jobs. Documents are safely saved on the MyQ Server until they are released to the owner's preferred device. No more unattended printouts in the paper tray.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

2. Canon Managed Print Services

With Canon Managed Print Services (MPS), we combine ITIL® and PRINCE2® principles at every stage of the journey to ensure you benefit from better security, faster print processes, more efficient workflows, sustainability, and lower expenditure in the shortest possible period. Regular reviews are included with Canon Managed Print Services to ensure you're getting the most out of the solution and that it's staying optimised over time to meet your organization's changing needs – not just in terms of performance, but also important parallel goals like security and sustainability. They establish explicit contract governance so that you know when, how, and with whom they will monitor the status of your MPS contract. Most importantly, as part of this assessment process, we will identify new prospects for your business development, such as those presented by the shift to Digital Transformation, Hybrid Work, Cloud, and Mobile technologies, which will help you prosper in the long run.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

3. Ricoh Managed Print Services

Ricoh Managed Print Services (MPS) encapsulates the three core parts of document management: capture (information production), transformation (information movement within a company), and management (processing information in a way to add business value). They investigate how your company accesses, utilises, and keeps both print and electronic information before installing MPS. They optimise your infrastructure by looking at your devices and printed material to ensure that your staff have the tools they need to execute their tasks efficiently. The user's input and output behaviour is then examined (what they print and why). They use printing management solutions to increase productivity, reduce waste and costs, and keep track of data. Then, keeping information security in mind, we adapt and improve those processes to make them more efficient and effective—and to assist you in managing change more successfully. Ricoh Managed Print Services are all about transporting information freely throughout your whole organisation, whether it's print or digital. You've improved your ability to please employees and customers, preempt competitors, and manage your organisation more profitably by making information available, flexible, searchable, comprehensible, portable, and reusable.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

4. Epson Managed Print Services

Take advantage of the potential to cut and properly estimate print expenditures with Epson's Managed Print Services. They transform print into a service for ultimate peace of mind, as they offer warranties that include on-site repair and even handle the supplies, ensuring that replacements are sent immediately when they run out.  Whether you want a fixed, all-inclusive monthly charge, a cost per page for office equipment, or a cost per millilitre for big format printers, choose the solution that's perfect for you.  With Epson MPS, we give businesses back control by allowing them to manage their budgets and simplify accounting. As a result, you'll receive a single monthly invoice, and you'll only be charged for what you print. Switching from laser to heatless printers provided by Epson helps you save energy and lessen your printing's environmental effect.


5. HP Managed Print Services

Deltek Vision is a project-based cloud solution for professional services organisations that may be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. It is a single product that incorporates project accounting, resource management, project management, time/expense management, and business development. Through role-based graphical dashboards, customised reports, and alarms, the platform exposes essential business data in real time. Firms can handle all areas of financials using Deltek Vision, including AP, AR, budgeting, and revenue recognition, as well as multi-currency and multi-company support. Vision assists businesses in selecting the right personnel for the right projects, as well as monitoring pipelines, tracking opportunities, and managing client interactions. From the first contract to project delivery and collection, Vision delivers a complete picture of the client and the project.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

6. FMAudit

FMAudit by eci brings together important printing data from the majority of major manufacturers in one convenient location. With no upfront investment in hardware, software, or IT resources, the flexible subscription-based, scalable, cloud-based service model simply interfaces with your ERP. Create status alerts based on event and occurrence thresholds, triggers, standard and vendor problem codes, and even LCD screen text to develop proactive supplies and service programmes. Create a single alert to notify you at the start and end of the event, and use occurrence thresholds to avoid dispatching your technician for minor faults, allowing for better customer environment management. Improve your first-call success rate by increasing device uptime, reducing inventory, and increasing device uptime.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

7. KYOCERA Managed Print Services

Kyocera can help you cut your total cost of ownership by up to 30%. They aid in the reduction of operational costs such as consumables, energy, and support, as well as the elimination of waste such as unauthorised printing. The total savings are generally exceptionally high. You'll witness a quantum leap in productivity with state-of-the-art solutions that streamline document management through automated workflows, as well as enhanced device management that saves staff time. Your IT support crew will be less stressed as a result of improved procedures and reduced downtime. Dealing with several providers can be costly and inconvenient. When you work with Kyocera Managed Document Services, however, this isn't the case (MDS). That's because they provide everything you need to keep your devices up and running (regardless of brand), as well as handle all of your maintenance and repair needs.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

8. Xerox Managed Print Services

To provide a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms, Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services employs comprehensive security, analytics, digitization, and cloud technologies and applications. You can I ntegrate print devices to save money while also improving energy efficiency and sustainability.  Manage your print infrastructure in a proactive manner to ensure maximum uptime.  With intuitive dashboards, user interfaces, and reporting, you can track device usage, provide performance updates, and identify areas for improvemen, create budgets for printing and assign expenditures. With Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services and ConnectKey® Technology's all-inclusive security technologies, you can keep your devices up-to-date and compliant with automatic monitoring and remediation, ensure that only authorised users can print documents, and receive an alert whenever sensitive data is disclosed.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

9. Staples Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services from Staples® is a comprehensive print management service that monitors and supports all print devices. Start saving time and money by allowing your IT personnel to concentrate on more vital tasks. To fulfil your sustainability goals, you'll get on-site support from factory-trained employees, ink and toner refills with free delivery, and eco-friendly solutions and energy-efficient equipment. It's never been easier to keep track of your office printing. Our four-phase approach is designed to help you save money, print more efficiently, and keep all of your devices up and running so you can be even more productive.

Top 10 Managed Print Services Managed Print Services

10. Brother Managed Print Services

Brother takes a unique approach to MPS, based on the notion that one size does not fit all. Brother's team of skilled MPS consultants, vertical market specialists, solutions engineers, and reseller partners can assist you examine your current document processing environment and make specific recommendations that are in line with your organization's and individual goals. This discovery approach assists our team members in developing a plan and road map to achieve those objectives while taking into account your organization's unique culture. Your Brother Authorized Partner is in charge of administering the MPS programme, but Brother Managed Print resources make it easier. Professionals who are responsive and skilled are among the resources available to assist every stage of a best-practices MPS programme.

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