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Common Types of Prospecting

When it comes to relational management, segmenting the customer based on their service needs can help you structure your data. Segmentation is the process of grouping targeted customers into a base with similar or common characteristics that are relevant to your business. It makes dialogue with your most important customers more effective.

During the prospecting phase of the MSP sales process, an MSP has the chance to identify which customers are suitable for the service provided. It makes sense to assess potential customers in the first part of the sales process based on specific criteria such as company size, geography, and industry

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world

In the midst of massive channel expansion, we see MSPs serving a variety of customers with different needs who require different levels of service from your team. To create a successful MSP sales process and funnel, you need to understand the point of view of your potential customers. Their team may have a little technical background, but they need someone to fill the gaps and manage their team’s roles.

Decision-makers are responsible for strategic decisions on acquisitions, business expansion, and capital investment. Business decision software provides analytics to business decision-makers to help them solve problems faster. Group decisions are made when several people (several decision-makers) think about a problem and agree on the best solution

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