10 Best Email Verification Tools.

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What is Email Verification?

Using email verification Tool, you may quickly determine whether an email address is legitimate. It's a tool that sales and marketing teams routinely utilise to make sure their emails are read. To prevent email "bounces" that lead to useless leads, do this. According to Statista, just a small percentage of recipients open marketing emails on average over the world (16–20%) in 2020. Email verification software is used by marketers to make sure their emails are at least delivered. This lowers the price of newsletter distribution and email marketing initiatives.

Email Verification

1. ZeroBounce

Using an artificial intelligence grading system, ZeroBounce claims to have a 98% accuracy rate when determining whether the addresses on your marketing list are active. It does a fantastic job at deleting incorrectly spelt and non-existent addresses. Additionally, it can successfully identify and eliminate spam traps, known abusive addresses, and addresses from domains that block mail. Before sending emails to your mailing list, ZeroBounce additionally provides a deliverability test so that you can correct setting issues.

Bouncer Email Verification

2. Bouncer

Bouncer offers a robust and precise platform for email list validation, email deliverability, and verification that is used by 4000 businesses across 6 continents. The e-mail validation market is led technologically by Bouncer. Top-notch mechanisms with a zero-downtime policy, list and API verification are both available. Up to 200 000 confirmed emails per customer, every hour, are sent using this product, which has the best coverage.

Pabbly Email Verification


Due to Pabbly’s slower speed, less mistakes are made and up to 98% of deliveries are successful. Pabbly uses a manual and labour-intensive technique that ensures superior outcomes to its rivals. Over 720 million bounces have already been avoided by Pabbly, and its creators are committed to continuously improving the service. Pabbly combines conventional automatic verification with human-like pings to produce such excellent outcomes.

Debounce Email Verification

4. DeBounce

DeBounce is a well-known, quick, and reliable email validation tool that assists you with bulk email validation or API-based email validation. You can integrate the validation engines with your CRM, ESP, or WebForms using DeBounce's 30 direct integrations with various ESPs and more than 100 total integrations. DeBounce also provides a potent data enrichment engine that enables you to discover the entire name and the avatar hidden behind any email address.

10 Best Email Verification Tools. Email Verification

5. Xverify

A reputable email verification solution with EU-based data centres and built-in fraud prevention is Xverify. This technology is very useful for European marketers that wish to increase deliverability by getting rid of hard bounces, lowering spam complaints, and limiting fraud. The flexible price structure of Xverify, which has no minimum requirements, is something we truly like. Additionally, Xverify provides 100 free verifications so that you can try the service.

10 Best Email Verification Tools. Email Verification

6. MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier is a bulk email verification tool that enables you to purge your email list of all invalid, spam trap, and unwanted email addresses. This email verification service gives you an updated, clean email list and assists you in removing spam traps, abusive or fraudulent emails, and disposable emails from your list. With the help of an email validator service, you may purge your email database, increase email deliverability, and connect with more genuine recipients.

10 Best Email Verification Tools. Email Verification

7. NeverBounce

One of the easiest programmes to utilise for email address verification is NeverBounce. It has more than 125k users worldwide, and the majority of them are devoted to its superb bulk list cleansing capabilities. NeverBounce's real-time verification allows you to quickly identify which addresses are authentic and which should be deleted. It is simple to tap into your current email list and improve it thanks to the more than 80 connectors it offers with different marketing platforms at the time this article was written.

Mailfloss Email Verification

8. Mailfloss

You may bulk-verify your email list with Mailfloss, an easy-to-use application that interfaces with a lot of email marketing service providers. Its main goal is to automate email verification so you can concentrate on running your business. It works with several different email service providers, including MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, SendinBlue, Mailerlite, and others. Mailfloss can identify spam traps, duplicate emails, transient emails, and invalid addresses. Additionally, it eliminates hard bounced emails and checks for syntax issues.

Dropcontact Email Verification

9. Dropcontact

You may search, enrich, and validate email addresses and other contact information using Dropcontact, an all-in-one piece of software. We think it's the greatest email verifier programme due to its many features and how useful it is for your cold emailing approach! The enrichment component of this technology is by far its biggest seller. Along with the 624 emails it confirmed from a list of 800 correct emails, Dropcontact was also able to identify the proper email addresses for 32 of the 200 wrong emails it received.

10 Best Email Verification Tools. Email Verification

10. TrueMail

TrueMail is renowned for its simplicity and offers a low price compared to the other solutions on this list. The suggested correction feature is one that users adore and claim performs better than other options. This increases your deliverability and enables you to spot issues with the erroneous emails. The fact that lemlisters have endorsed this tool is another fantastic feature! The only drawback is that there aren't many reviews, so you'll have to try it out for yourself.


    Email Verification faqs

    What is Email Verification?

    Using email verification Tool, you may quickly determine whether an email address is legitimate. It’s a tool that sales and marketing teams routinely utilise to make sure their emails are read. To prevent email “bounces” that lead to useless leads.

    How do I know if my email is spam?

    A type of software called antivirus is used to stop, scan for, find, and remove viruses from a computer.

    Why should I verify my email address?

    It will strengthen your defences against malware that may already be on your machine and phishing links. The following are the immediate advantages of completing the email verification process:

    • Having the power to approve email and password changes
    • Password and username recovery is simple and secure.