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what Is Data Discovery Tools?

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Grow Data Discovery Tools.


platform for business intelligence that makes it simple for enterprises to gather and integrate data, process it, and examine it in order to gain insightful information for data-driven choices. It makes it simple for non-technical people to construct KPIs and enables users to develop and manage KPI dashboards from hundreds of data sources. They have a lot of native data transformations that may be used to do operations on a dataset that mimic SQL programming without the need for any SQL expertise.

Syncspider Data Discovery Tools.


In order to sync data with any app, SyncSpider enables users to continue using their current enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as their main data sources. An inventory control system that required to always be current would be a typical situation where this instrument may be used.

Osano Data Discovery Tools.


Another cloud-based data privacy platform is Osano, which is primarily created to assist companies in adhering to data governance requirements including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (CCPA). The application also offers an AI-driven data discovery feature that swiftly and automatically locates, organises, and assesses all data throughout the systems of a company.

Alteryx Data Discovery Tools.


The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform automates procedures related to data science, machine learning, and analytics. It offers users a software solution for data access, modification, analysis, and output. Either a recurring or one-time procedure can be used for this. Users can view the process, work together to support it, and make improvements thanks to Alteryx workflow-building capabilities. Data can be read and written in Alteryx using files, databases, and APIs. Additionally, it includes capabilities for geospatial analysis and predictive analytics.

Atlan Data Discovery Tools.

5. Atlan

Atlan is a quick and user-friendly data discovery tool with Google-like search features to quickly identify data in tables, databases, BI dashboards, or even saved queries. It offers a single search window for all data and dashboards to make information available for non-technical users to view all of their organization's data and assets.

Datapine Data Discovery Tools.

6.  Datapine

A cutting-edge business intelligence, dashboarding, and reporting tool called Datapine Thanks to its cutting-edge self-service analytics features and user interface, professional data analytics is readily accessible to non-technical users. As another sophisticated analytics feature, this tool offers intelligent data alerts based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and other features.

Sigma Data Discovery Tools.

7. Sigma

Sigma is a recognised contemporary business intelligence (BI) and analytics software designed specifically for the cloud. With Sigma, anybody can study real-time data at cloud scale, down to the most minute detail, using familiar spreadsheet formulae and functions. Our recognisable spreadsheet-like user interface puts the full power of SQL in the hands of any user while maintaining the security and freshness of data in cloud data warehouses.

Liquidtext Data Discovery Tools.


The first reading, note-taking, and document analysis software to earn Editor's Choice honours from Apple and Microsoft The "PDF Editor with Superpowers" by FastCompany To research, evaluate, and draw conclusions for experts whose work entails studying extensive collections of papers. Making dynamic visual links between material and notes is possible with LiquidText, an active reading and note-taking application that keeps all of your documents, highlights, annotations, and underlines in the same workspace as your notes.

Hexomatic Data Discovery Tools.


The platform for labour automation and data extraction for growth hackers is called Hexomatic. Utilize ready-made automations in a few clicks to enrich your leads, carry out analysis tasks, or translate at scale by scraping data from any website. Hexomatic is cloud-based and available around-the-clock, allowing you to design your ideal workflow and automate repetitive operations at scale so that your staff can concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Informatica Data Discovery Tools.


With a comprehensive and extensive portfolio of business-grade data management solutions, Informatica is a tool for enterprise data cataloguing. It has a data catalogue driven by AI that scans assets across commercial companies, as well as a number of features that index metadata and offer in-depth analysis across its databases.


    Data Discovery Software faqs

    What is Data Discovery Tool?

    Business intelligence technology is associated with the term “data discovery.” It entails gathering data from your numerous databases and silos and combining it into a single source that can be quickly and readily evaluated. Once your raw data has been processed, you have visibility into numerous areas of your business.

    Data discovery used for?
    What is a discovery tool?

    a web resource that looks across numerous databases to show all of the content a library has to offer.

    What is data discovery exercise?

    A properly executed data discovery strategy is made to detect and notify you of non-compliant or insecure data on a regular basis.