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What is Contract Management?

The complex process of contract management includes execution, vendor selection, issue identification and control; tracking and processing. It oversees contracts from pre-award through conclusion. When used appropriately, contract management procedures guarantee that resources and skills are in line with project goals. The finest contract management involves all team members in the decision-making process, combines with project management and control, and closely monitors contractors' performance and delivery dates. Even though it can be helpful in any industry, contract management is crucial for projects in the construction and manufacturing sectors. In reality, contracts in these sectors guarantee that operational and financial objectives will be reached while lowering risk.

Pandadoc Contract Management Software.


PandaDoc is an integrated digital document and contract management system made to streamline your contract administration procedure. You may customise, bargain, and electronically sign complex contracts with PandaDoc. The software has many features, such as contract templates, in-document commenting, redlining, and a content library, that help avoid expensive mistakes and dissatisfied clients. It also has built-in eSignature functionality.

Cobblestone Contract Management Software.


Thousands of contract administration, legal, and procurement professionals have chosen the Enterprise CLM system CobbleStone Contract Insight. With its user-friendly features and administration, Contract Insight, which is powered by artificial intelligence, can automate and streamline the whole contract lifecycle. Searching, reporting, processing, approvals, contract creation, compliance, and much more may all be made easier to reduce the stress associated with contracts.

Dealhub Contract Management Software.


DealHub.io supports businesses in creating and sending contracts quickly and easily and offers native connectivity with Salesforce. Each member of your team will feel comfortable using the software because to its user-friendly interface, which is suitable for personnel with different levels of tech training. To ensure correctness, administrators can preapprove templates. Deal Hub.io's platform allows customers to easily create new contracts, quotes, and other business documents from within DealHub.io.

Docusign Contract Management Software.


The best contract management system for small businesses is DocuSign. This is due to the fact that it provides reasonable contract management services and includes paperwork, templates, and e-signatures that streamline small business performance. Every participating member will be kept up to date on every step of a contract's process via its self-service portal. The programme also includes end-to-end solutions for workflows with a lot of contracts. To guarantee that businesses function effectively, it also provides customisable features and interfaces with other third-party software.

Concord Contract Management Software.


Concord is a software product that, with its contract management software, simplifies contract compliance and negotiation. Concord has pre-approved templates to speed up contract creation, and the version-control function makes sure that all users have the most recent revisions of the document. It allows for the tracking of modifications and the holding of conversations with stakeholders and other reviewers inside the platform. Users can also view the status of each contract to shorten the purchase cycle.

Legito Contract Management Software.


With Legito, your organisation may benefit from automation and flexibility. With the help of its cutting-edge AI technology and special template editor, complicated dependencies are automated without the use of code. Worldwide, Legito has helped thousands of users, including eminent corporations. More than 80 countries and jurisdictions have successfully incorporated the technology into their systems. A self-service platform offered by Legito facilitates better communication and teamwork. Additionally, data is protected to only allow users access, and you may select a pricing plan based on your company's demands.

Conga Contract Management Software.

7. Conga

Conga Contracts (formerly Apttus) is a hybrid contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that enables businesses to create, monitor, keep up with, and report on various business contracts from a single location. Conga provides end-to-end enterprise alternatives or pay-as-you-grow choices. Both on-premises and cloud hosting options are available for the solution. Conga Collaborate, Conga Sign, Conga Composer, and Conga CPQ are just a few of the tools it provides for managing contracts.

Nintex Contract Management Software.


Nintex has a secondary focus on contract management and is largely a process management system. The creation and automation of intricate workflows within an organisation is made simple by this software. Nintex enhances how you work by providing simple-to-use tools for quickly automating, managing visually, and continuously optimising business processes and workflows. New contracts, invoices, and other crucial business documents may be swiftly generated with Nintex.

Agiloft Contract Management Software.


Agiloft is a great option for businesses of all shapes and sizes because it offers solutions that can be customised. It provides lots of e-signatures and papers, free online training, contract drafting, and more. The product also features a customised dashboard for monitoring warnings and KPIs. Agiloft can upload documents quickly by integrating with Google and Microsoft. Compliance is guaranteed and all data are safeguarded.

Trackado Contract Management Software.


Users can store and access their contracts remotely from a main document repository using the straightforward, quick, and simple-to-use technology known as Trackado. There are also built-in reminders for significant contract milestones. You may store, search for, and retrieve all available documents using a single database using Trackado. Customers can do database searches by department, category, or any other customer-specific property.


    Contract Management Software faqs

    What is Contract Management?

    The complex process of contract management includes execution, vendor selection, issue identification and control; tracking and processing. It oversees contracts from pre-award through conclusion. When used appropriately, contract management procedures guarantee that resources and skills are in line with project goals. 

    Is contract management part of CRM?

    Customer relationship management primarily works with sales and relationships with customers and clients, whereas contract management deals with interactions among all parties to a contract. Both CM and CRM benefit from a technical solution given the volume of information they handle every day.

    3 types of contracts?

    Fixed-price contracts. 

    Cost-plus contracts. 

    Time and materials contracts.