Custom Data

Custom Business Data Solution for B2B Marketing

Every company’s requirements fluctuate, but data solutions are unquestionably the need of the day. A bespoke data solution is required by a small firm to the point that a pre-packaged dataset will not suffice. Not everyone fits into the same shoes, but not every pre-packaged checklist meets the needs of each and every business. Every business is different, and so are their data requirements.

Custom Data is a service that we provide exclusively. This indicates that there isn’t a single company in the industry that provides customized data. We create unique data that is specially designed and segmented depending on the sector, profile, and geography of your choosing, assuring that you target the most relevant business audience that may directly impact your performance.

Custom Data List Consists of

The following Fields

  1. Company Names
  2. Industry, Technology, is part of
  3. Industry Professionals
  4. Geographic Location
  5. Demographics
  6. Job Role/ Job title
  7. Phone Numbers
  8. Verified Emails

Our Service

Customized list-building services make it easy for you to reach your marketing goals. Your company may occasionally require an extra push from the database to help it reach the right audience at the right moment. So, if you want to expand your firm, your marketing requirements may be really distinct and specialized in order to achieve success with your planned marketing initiatives.

As your objectives, difficulties, and requirements evolve, your database will become more flexible. You may use email marketing, telemarketing, and other direct mail efforts to create a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Why Us (Infomsp)

You have the option of going the personalized path or opting for a pre-packaged list while determining what data is ideal for your company. Why is this such a difficult decision to make? While a pre-packaged list may be less expensive and help you reach a larger audience, a tailored package will concentrate your emphasis and allow you to communicate with a smaller group of people. In the end, it all boils down to what your campaign’s main goal is.

Why do we do it? Because we understand how every single contact data point may help you expand your market and build new opportunities.

While many businesses may not want to devote time and resources to developing a custom data list, a pre-packaged list cannot match to what a custom list can provide in terms of outcomes. Consider how effective your multi-channel efforts could be if you had access to up to 75 intelligence fields. We can state that there has been a significant movement in the contact data needs over the years, having enjoyed the distinction of being an industry leader for Global B2B Solution providers. The patterns are plain and obvious: custom data is causing a stir all across the world. Rather than a general spray-and-pray strategy, launch precision-targeted efforts that are intended to reach and influence your clients.

Data Acquisition

The Process We follow

Primary Data

Secondary Data

  1. Sources of Information
  2. Tradeshows, events, and conferences are all examples of this.
  3. Records and lists from the government
  4. Attendee Lists for Trade Shows
  5. Information regarding the Postal Service (NCOA)
  6. Information from the public record
  7. Annual reports, SEC filings, and public filings are all examples of public filings.
  8. Subscriptions to business and trade magazines
  9. Partnerships in the B2B Directory
  10. Subscription Offers for Free  Magazines/Newspapers
    Offers on Business Trade Magazine Subscriptions
  11. 9,000+ Yellow Pages, Telephone Directories, and Internet Classified Ads
  1. Sources of Information
  2. Blogs and websites
  3. Offers in opt-in email campaigns Registrations and offers over the internet
  4. Surveys and feedback forms for television, radio, and print advertising
  5. Telephone polls
  6. Point-of-sale systems
Our process.

Raw Data Material

Data Record creation process

  1. Archived Web Resource
  2. Active Web Resource
  3. Managed Database
  4. SaaS Application Resource
  1. Append Process
  2. Normalization of Product Names
  3. Validation of product location with the company
    firmographics for the whole corporation Append
    Resolution of a statistically significant sample by humans
  4. For additional confirmation, additional phone questionnaires were conducted.

The Document Repository

  1. Whitepapers on Case Studies
  2. Release of Information
  3. Blogs, Media, News,
  4. Job Posting on web portals