10 Best Safety Management Software.

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What is Safety Management Software?

The Safety Management System (SMS) is a group of organized, corporate-wide procedures that facilitate efficient risk-based decision-making for operational tasks. Organizations may provide the maximum level of safety when using safety management systems, which also aid in maintaining safe operations. Additionally, SMS can be used to formally comply with legal obligations, such as Title 14 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which is enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) lists hazard identification, occurrence reporting, risk management, performance assessment, and quality assurance as the main safety management system processes.

Sitedocs Safety Management


SiteDocs digitizes the entire safety administration process, allowing employees to spend more time on their core responsibilities and less time on menial duties like filling out and submitting paper forms. It's simple for employees to do duties using a tablet or mobile device, dictate notes, e-sign forms, and digitally send their documents to the database or important stakeholders - no issues with missing paperwork, unsigned documents, or illegible handwriting. Once uploaded, SiteDocs functions as a digital filing cabinet, with documents being automatically sorted and filed in accordance with your personalized specifications in real-time.

Safesite Safety Management


Through a user-friendly safety app that syncs with their online platform automatically, Safesite's digital safety solution enables safety on the go. They typically use their paperless system in field-based heavy industries like agriculture and farming, aviation, chemical manufacture, construction, mining, oil & gas, and transportation & logistics, where employees are frequently deskless. Employees can use the Safesite app to track equipment, report incidents, host toolbox talks, flag items for hazard management, conduct safety audits, and conduct safety inspections.

Safetysync Safety Management


All of your staff can access the application's online health and safety training. The dissemination of policies throughout the company, as well as the management of equipment and advancements in safety, are all fantastic features. Additionally, the application is quite reasonable, not just for major businesses but also for small businesses with little resources.

10 Best Safety Management Software. Safety Management

4. Awardco

Using value-driven recognition, the engagement and employee recognition platform Awardco creates a safety culture to boost employee engagement. Employees can earn and collect prizes by taking part in various programs, and it helps program efforts be managed from a single central dashboard. The ideal places to use it are in businesses that have several recognition programs and give out incentives from Amazon.

Workhub Safety Management


A wide range of features in Workhub's safety management system make it simpler to guarantee a secure working environment for your employees. You can store your health and safety policies in their system, along with operating guidelines and safety data sheets (SDS), provide online training (from over 60 options, or you can design your own), keep track of certificates, evaluate the skill competency of your employees, and host contractor safety orientations.

Intelex Safety Mnagement


By integrating mobile EHS management solutions and encouraging safety culture throughout your firm, Intelex's environmental health and safety software (EHS software) aids organizations in raising the visibility of their safety management program. In-field workers can quickly track and submit safety data using mobile apps and digital devices. From there, platform administrators can discover EHS insights, analyze data trends, and comply with regulations while avoiding unnecessary administrative burdens.

Lighthouse Safety Management

7. Lighthouse

The safety management software from Lighthouse takes care of all important aspects of safety management, including incident management, inspections, worker training and competency, corrective actions, vehicle maintenance, hazard assessment and control, safety meetings, and subcontractor management. Their solution automates the safety management process and unifies all HSE forms and procedures into a single database that serves as a single source of truth. It might serve as a central repository for corporate safety papers including your company's safety manual and safe work practices.

Effivity Safety Management


You need Effivity if you want to be more safety-efficient and be able to handle all of your company's health and safety procedures in 2022. It is the most reasonably priced safety management and HSE application available. Several fundamental aspects of QMS Risk Assessment of the Environment, Incident Management, OSHA Recordkeeping, Training Management, Audit Management, Environmental Management, and Forms Management Inspection Management, Industrial Safety Management.

Cority Safety Management

9. Cority

Cority’s Safety Management System Software is considered ideal for large organisations that are involved in industries such as manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotives, and healthcare, among others. Cority's system is a well-known cloud-based occupational health and safety management software that has been offering solutions for more than 30 years.

Certainity Safety Mangement


Enhance Sustainability and Performance with Confidence! A software programme at the enterprise level called Certainty makes it simple to gather, report, and manage inspection data. Using simple forms, real-time reports, and comprehensive action management, Certainty assists businesses all over the world in ensuring compliance, reducing risk, and improving performance. It is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals to carry out millions of audits and inspections each year. Accurately gather, monitor, and report data.


    Document Management Software faqs

    What is Safety Management Software?

    The Safety Management System (SMS) is a group of organized, corporate-wide procedures that facilitate efficient risk-based decision-making for operational tasks. Organizations may provide the maximum level of safety when using safety management systems, which also aid in maintaining safe operations.

    4 components of safety management system?
    • Safety Policy.
    • Safety Risk Management.
    • Safety Assurance.
    • Safety Promotion.
    What is risk in safety?

    Risk is the possibility or likelihood that someone would suffer harm or have a negative impact on their health as a result of being exposed to a danger.

    6 elements of safety?
    • A safety plan.
    • Policies, procedures and processes.
    • Training and induction.
    • Monitoring.
    • Supervision.
    • Reporting.