10 Best Identity Management Software.

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What is Identity Management?

The organisational process of ensuring that people have the proper access to technological resources is known as identity management (ID management). This covers a person's or group of people's identity, authentication, and authorization to access applications, systems, or networks. This is accomplished by connecting user privileges and limitations to recognised identities. Software applications that require access to organisational systems are also referred to as managed identities. Identity management could be seen as a crucial security element.

Solarwinds Ims


An on-premises identity management solution that instals on Windows Server is called SolarWinds Access Rights Manager. You can use it to manage passwords and access privileges for networks, devices, Microsoft Exchange, Windows File Share, and SharePoint. It supports all Active Directory systems. Workflows are used to automate processes in this tool. These will group the operations you typically carry out when bringing on a new user. Additionally, it will monitor group memberships and profiles, and its dashboard will show connections and inheritance.

Persona Ims

2. Persona

Any identity-related use case can be automated with Persona's assistance. We provide a PII collection experience that puts the needs of the customer first and validate information, identification documents, and more. To administer completely compliant KYC/AML procedures, enhance your customer database with phone risk reports, watchlists, and other reports. Persona is providing 500 free government IDs with optional selfie verifications or Persona Watchlist reports each month for a brief period of time. Check out our platform right away.

Lastpass Ims

3. LastPass

Four variants of LastPass are available for businesses: Teams, Enterprise, MFA, and Identity. For most companies looking for an identity management solution, Enterprise is likely the best choice out of these. The available multi-factor authentication strategies are the sole thing separating the Enterprise and Identity plans. The Enterprise system makes use of biometric and/or SMS technologies, which are sufficient for most organisations. The Enterprise service assumes the function of a central controller that collects information about access rights from already-existing permissions systems before serving as the main point of access for system administrators.

10 Best Identity Management Software. Identity Management

4. Prove

Over 1,000 firms, including those in the banking, insurance, healthcare, and e-commerce sectors, rely on Prove, a rapidly expanding identity proofing and affirmation provider. Prove seeks to reduce fraud while increasing income, cutting costs, and enhancing user experiences. Currently, Prove services 8 out of the top 10 US banks. With its Phone-Centric Identity technology at the core, prove provides a variety of access management solutions.

Brivo Ims

5. Brivo

Keyless entry, mobile credentials, remote security management, smart locks, visitor management, and identity management solutions are all provided by leading cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology. The Brivo platform enhances employee and tenant experience, provides security automation, allows remote management, and increases the safety of all people and assets in any kind of physical environment.

10 Best Identity Management Software. Identity Management

6. Zoho Vault

Teams can maintain their passwords using the cloud-based application Zoho Vault. The key component of the service is a 256-bit AES-encrypted password vault that is housed on Zoho servers and secured by the service. The service's control panel serves as the central coordinator for access rights managers that are already protecting your systems and are either on-premises or cloud-based. Active Directory, Office 365, Azure AD, and Google Cloud Platform are a few examples.

10 Best Identity Management Software. Identity Management

7. Tenfold

Tenfold Security is a provider of identity and access management that places a strong emphasis on user-friendly, manageable security. Their IAM technology is made to help mid-market businesses better manage user access permissions across local systems, cloud services, and outside applications. The tenfold platform assists IT departments in enhancing security and achieving compliance with data protection laws including GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Jumpcloud Open Directory Platform Ims

8. JumpCloud

A complete and integrated suite of identity and access management (IAM) solutions are offered by JumpCloud, an Open Directory PlatformTM. Administrators can use JumpCloud to provide directory services, single sign-on (SSO), privilege account management (PAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other essential IAM capabilities that support managing users, devices, secure identities, and secure access to a variety of IT resources—on-premises or in the cloud, across Windows, Linux, or macOS.

10 Best Identity Management Software. Identity Management

9. SystemFrontier

Organizations can quickly assign specific permissions to Tier 1 support personnel, junior administrators, contractors, and vendors using System Frontier without granting them administrative powers. Every activity, including the results of command-line tools, is audited. Workflow support can be achieved by integrating several IT support apps. Manage any device that supports remote API connections, including servers, workstations, network devices, Active Directory objects, and more.

Passbolt Ims

10. Passbolt

Open-source software called Passbolt is available for free on-premises use. Debian and CentOS Linux support the installation of the software. It can be utilised on a virtualized platform running Windows. The organisation, establishment, modification, and deletion of access permissions at the individual and group levels are all possible with this password management system. It is also possible to create shared passwords.


    Identity Management Software FAQs

    What is Identity Management?

    The organisational process of ensuring that people have the proper access to technological resources is known as identity management (ID management). This covers a person’s or group of people’s identity, authentication, and authorization to access applications, systems, or networks.

    Example of identity management?

    When a user inputs his login information, a database would be used to confirm the user’s identity and determine whether the credentials entered match those in the database.

    Goal of identity management?

    As a result, the main objective of identity management is to enable access to the corporate resources for which individuals and devices are authorised in a certain situation. This covers onboarding people and systems, granting permissions, and promptly offboarding users and devices.