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What is Customer Data?

A software programme that offers users a complete picture of the client is called a customer data platform. So, exactly how does it operate? In essence, the programme gathers data from several sources, like marketing clouds, service applications, and e-commerce engines, and makes it accessible to other systems. As a result, CDP users are now able to create customer profiles in a single, central location and use those profiles for customer support, sales, and marketing needs. Also, The purpose of a customer data platform (CDP) is marketing. To create a single, comprehensive perspective of each client, it gathers and combines first-party customer data from many sources. It then provides marketers with access to that data so they may develop individualised and targeted marketing efforts.

Segment Customer Data Platform.


Users can gather and route their customer data to multiple linked systems using Twilio's Segment customer data platform. This consumer data platform, which is well-liked for its simple setup, real-time tracking, and customizable dashboards, allows you the ability to transfer data to various locations. Additionally, it has some really cool features like cross-channel engagement design, a means to tailor your data pipeline, and a more straightforward method of processing and loading customer data.

Blueshift Customer Data Platform.


If you're searching for a CDP that will provide real-time experiences throughout the full (omnichannel) trip, the Blueshift Smarthub Customer Data Platform is another fantastic choice. Its broad AppHub also offers consumers a wide range of data connectors, which is unquestionably beneficial! Popular features of this platform include audience segmentation, 1:1 personalization, real-time data unification, and predictive intelligence.

Bloomreach Customer Data Platform.

3.Bloomreach Engagement

Consider using Bloomreach Engagement if you want to scale digitally and strategically. The customer experience is improved by this platform, which also integrates your customer data. With Bloomreach Engagement CDXP, you can gather, safeguard, and utilise your own data while utilising powerful analytics tools to acquire in-depth consumer insights. This helps you better understand the behaviour of your clients and enables more precise segmentation in a variety of campaign circumstances.

Treasure Customer Data Platform.

4. Treasure Data

This enterprise CDP provides users with access to top-notch database tools while using IoT devices to construct client profiles. It has a tonne of features and can manage enormous data volumes for more precise analytics and better segmentation. Treasure Data comes highly recommended for large-volume applications that need to combine many data sources due to its high uptime and quick response times.

Carecloud Customer Data Platform.


With a strong emphasis on retail and e-commerce, CareCloud collects both digital and offline client data to provide a comprehensive 360-degree customer perspective. You may filter target audiences using native apps, and you can immediately launch email, SMS, or PUSH campaigns. With automation workflows, you can fully automate the customer experience. The pre-made workflow bundle offers a significant advantage because it allows you to begin automating tasks right away.

Tealiumcustomer Data Platform.


Companies that want to compile the dispersed pieces of data from all sources on one platform should use Tealium AudienceStream as their CDP. Your ability to make strategic decisions is aided by the predictive insights based on machine learning that are provided to you. To keep your business compliant with regulations and maintain legal compliance, this consumer data platform provides consent management. Additionally, it makes it simple to spot visitor behaviour patterns and assists you in improving client contact through audience emotional intelligence.

Actioniq Customer Data Platform.

7. ActionIQ

ActionIQ CDP has a complete tech stack for high-performing enterprises and was created as a remedy for persistent customer data fragmentation. Access to real-time data is made possible by ActionIQ CDP at every stage of your omnichannel marketing campaigns. It enables you to coordinate people, technology, and business procedures across a range of customer touchpoints to improve personalisation..

Lytics Customer Data Platform.


Data teams and marketers may streamline campaigns across a variety of channels with the help of Lytics, which uses machine learning and data science. Lytics gives you a complete picture of your customers and assists in the production of data-driven insights for campaign optimization. Use logical tools for a variety of tasks, including as audience segmentation, online personalisation, and client activation. As it interfaces with more than 80 downstream technologies, this CDP also strengthens your marketing technology stack.

Firsthive Customer Data Platform.


FirstHive, one of the first CDPs to apply machine learning, has given its users satisfying marketing analytics outcomes. By combining information from many sources, it creates unified customer identities using ML algorithms. FirstHive's ability to help you handle client data while adhering to privacy laws is one of its core selling points.

Ortto Customer Data Platform.


One of the top providers of customer data platforms, Autopilot unifies all customer information, marketing channels, audience information, and data analytics on a single platform. You may identify the most lucrative audiences and target them using the 360-degree perspective of every consumer. Your customer data can be connected through this CDP's interface with systems like Facebook, Shopify, Zapier, WooCommerce, Recurly, and HelpScout. Consider the information on the dashboard and act based on the analytics and reports.


    Customer Data Platforms faqs

    What is Customer Data?

    A software programme that offers users a complete picture of the client is called a customer data platform. So, exactly how does it operate? In essence, the programme gathers data from several sources, like marketing clouds, service applications, and e-commerce engines, and makes it accessible to other systems.

    What does a customer data platform do?
    4 types of customer data?
    • Basic or Identity Data. 
    • Engagement Data. 
    • Behavioral Data. 
    • Attitudinal Data.
    What kind of data are CRM data?

    The data in your customer relationship management (CRM) system that relates to your company’s clients, leads, sales, or operational efficiency is known as CRM data.