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What is Business Intelligence?

The methods and tools that businesses employ to analyse data and commercial information are known as business intelligence. In plainer terms, it enables companies to discover any process or trend influencing performance, the reasons behind it, and what is likely to happen in the future. Technology and the ability to build business intelligence dashboards are important components of business intelligence. Strategic decision-making will be aided by the use of the proper business intelligence (BI) tools, which will show more useful data and offer insightful explanations.

Infor Bi

1. Infor Birst

Users can better understand and streamline complicated processes with the aid of Infor Birst, a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence tool. Infor, a multinational corporation with a broad range of software solutions for particular industries, bought Birst in 2017. Today, Infor Birst is a cutting-edge end-to-end solution that includes a data warehouse, a visualisation and reporting platform, and a networked BI approach built on considerable automation and learning capabilities. Customers of the business intelligence vendor gave the programme a strong 4.1 star rating on Capterra and 3.9 star rating on G2Crowd.

Power Bi

2. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft, a software behemoth, competes in the market for business intelligence tools with its Microsoft Power BI product. They even host a summit on Microsoft business applications where Power BI and, unsurprisingly, other Microsoft business products are featured. Power BI offers downloading software, so you can run your analytics either in the cloud or via a reporting server, unlike some of their rivals who only offer web-based portals.

Zoho Bi

3. ZOHO Analytics BI

The developers of the legendary Zoho Office, who have extensive experience with web-based business tools, are the ones behind Zoho Analytics, a business information tool. In addition to databases like MySQL, URL feeds, and applications from outside the Zoho ecosystem, such as data from the cloud from applications like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and others, Zoho Reports is a capable solution that can integrate data from a variety of files, including Microsoft Office documents, URL feeds, and other applications.

Sap Bi

4. SAP Businessobjects BI

A business intelligence tool for in-depth reporting, analysis, and data visualisation is called SAP BusinessObjects. In order to produce live presentations and hybrid analytics that connect to their on-premises and cloud SAP systems, they offer Office interfaces with Excel and PowerPoint. They concentrate on commercial areas including CRM and customer experience, ERP and digital core, HR and employee engagement, digital supply chain, and many more. In actuality, SAP is one of the biggest software providers in the world, with more than 170M consumers relying on it.

10 Best Business Intelligence Software. Business Intelligence

5. Oracle BI

The goal of Oracle Business Intelligence is to offer businesses end-to-end solutions that will help them improve performance and give them the tools they need to make quicker, more informed decisions using mobile technologies. Oracle offers a broad range of data management tools, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, an integrated array of querying, reporting, and mobile analytics, among others. They have received ratings of 4.2 stars on Capterra and 4.0 from G2Crowd.

Tableau Bi

6. Tableau

Data may be seen and understood with the aid of Tableau software. Tableau provides a ground-breaking new approach to business information, enabling you to easily connect, view, and share data from the PC to the iPad. No programming knowledge is necessary to create and publish dashboards that can be shared with co-workers, business partners, or clients.

10 Best Business Intelligence Software. Business Intelligence

7. MicroStrategy

Hyperintelligence, federated analytics, and cloud solutions are the main focuses of MicroStrategy, a corporate business analytics software and mobility platform. Their mobile dossiers give users the ability to create interactive analytics books that display on iOS or Android smartphones, with the option to integrate additional MicroStrategy content into their apps using Xcode or JavaScript. You can use the library app, part of MicroStrategy Mobile, to deploy analytics while on the go.

Datapine Bi


BI software called datapine enables you to integrate data from numerous sources and analyse it using sophisticated capabilities. With all of your data available, you may build an effective business dashboard (or several), produce pre-made or bespoke reports, or include smart alerts to be warned of objectives and anomalies. is a potent option for companies of all sizes because datapine may be used for a variety of platforms, purposes, and sectors regardless of size.

Dundas Bi

9. Dundas

Dundas is a business intelligence platform designed for large organisations. It is used to create and view interactive scorecards, reports, dashboards, and other things. It is possible to implement Dundas BI as the organization's main data portal or to use it as a custom BI solution to incorporate into an already-existing website.

10 Best Business Intelligence Software. Business Intelligence


Effective collaboration, communication, social networking, business process, and knowledge management are supported by a highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. by shifting data from local drives and network silos to a secure central repository, it enables improved knowledge continuity. Wikis, blogs, and forums guarantee socially enabled information sources for better collaboration.


    Business Intelligence Software faqs

    What is Business Intelligence?

    The methods and tools that businesses employ to analyse data and commercial information are known as business intelligence. In plainer terms, it enables companies to discover any process or trend influencing performance, the reasons behind it, and what is likely to happen in the future.

    What function does business intelligence serve?

    A business intelligence analyst is in charge of using the data that a company has to extract insightful conclusions. Critical business decisions are then influenced by these findings. The findings are vital in determining the company’s future and how it will run.

    4 concepts of business intelligence?

    But for the sake of this post, we’ll outline the four fundamental elements of business intelligence:

    • Actual data.
    • Repository of data.
    • Analytics, data access, and display.
    • Reporting and dashboarding of data.
    Advantages of business intelligence
    • increased income
    • enhanced marketing and sales initiatives.
    • a better method for making decisions.
    • enhanced clientele service.
    • swift and precise reporting.
    • higher productivity