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What is B2B eCommerce?

business-to-business the sale of goods or services through internet transactions between businesses is known as electronic commerce. Because orders are executed digitally, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other types of B2B sellers benefit from increased buying efficiency and effectiveness.B2B companies have traditionally been late adopters of ecommerce. In the months prior to the pandemic, a study by eMarker discovered that only 9% of all B2B goods sales in the US were made online. But as more millennials enter the B2B market and the pandemic serves as a catalyst for change, buyer expectations are rising more quickly than ever, and B2B businesses need to keep up.

Shopify B2B Ecommerce Platform.

1.Shopify Plus

One of the best-known and most successful e-commerce platforms is Shopify Plus. There is nothing that compares to Shopify's cutting-edge service for delivering great user experience when it comes to premium B2B ecommerce solutions. It's hardly surprising that well-known companies like Tesla, Motorola, and Adidas already use Shopify Plus for B2B selling. This business has a track record of providing the greatest B2B sales, exceptional features, and excellent customer service.

Opencart B2B Ecommerce Platform.


A well-known B2B eCommerce platform is OpenCart. With features like Powerful SEO tools, integrated shop management, and limitless extensions and themes, the firm offers some of the most attractive free and open-source ecommerce software for operating an online store. OpenCart recently added a new extension named "OpenCart B2B marketplace" to increase its potential in the business-to-business industry.

Adobe B2B Ecommerce Platform.

3.Adobe Magento

When it comes to the top B2B ecommerce platform, Magento has won numerous honours. By the Forrester Wave, for instance, Magento was recognised as the finest B2B platform. Even though it lacks a few integration-related features and may be a bit expensive for some businesses, it is fantastic for ecommerce functionality and the shopping experience. One of the few B2B ecommerce choices that offers an all-in-one solution and was created with businesses in mind is Magento. Even the most difficult corporate objectives can be achieved with this platform.

Woo Commerce B2B Ecommerce Platform.

4. WooCommerce

For many people searching for a B2B e-commerce platform, WooCommerce is often set up for a variety of reasons. However, it should be noted that WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and not a standalone wholesale e-commerce platform. Most importantly, WooCommerce is cost-free! The WordPress programme is also accurate WooCommerce is accessible from any device, and it is mobile-friendly for customers that visit your business on a smartphone. Themes for WooCommerce can be used to build your website, and if you're a tech whiz, WooCommerce is open-source.

Truecommerce B2B Ecommerce Platform.

5.Truecommerce Netalogue

When it comes to creating a B2B e-commerce platform for wholesalers across a variety of industries, Netalogue has a very excellent track record. You can give customers special rates, such as discounts, updates, or price adjustments, by using this wholesale e-commerce platform. You can choose how much information is presented on Netalogue's user-friendly B2B e-commerce platform, depending on your preferences.

Bigcommerce B2B Ecommerce Platform.


BigCommerce is an excellent option for SME firms since it has over 400 features that you can employ, like social network integration, mobile marketing tools, coupons, gift certificates, gift wrapping, Fastlane checkouts, SuperZoom, and more. When it comes to SEO, BigCommerce provides B2B e-commerce solutions since it automatically customises your URLs, meta tags, and robot.txt. BigCommerce also offers you a variety of e-commerce options.

Zoey B2B Ecommerce Platform.

7. Zoey

Zoey is a B2B eCommerce platform. It is intended to support companies, wholesalers, and distributors as they move their activities online. They provide a scalable company environment that converts information, exchanges, and orders into a solitary localised platform. Using your customer self-service portal, customers may browse your product selection, place orders, and pay. Based on previous purchases, the automated system can potentially generate reorders for customers. The status of orders and shipments can also be accessed by customers in real-time.

10 Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms B2B Ecommerce


Yo!Kart is a market-leading ecommerce platform created for B2B and B2C sectors looking for an online marketplace similar to Amazon or Alibaba. Agile development approaches were used in the creation of the solution to provide it a competitive business edge over its rivals. The nicest part about Yo!Kart is that it is a license-based B2B ecommerce platform. You only need to pay once, and then you have lifelong ownership of the system, including the source code.

Nopcommerce B2B Ecommerce Platform.


Look no farther than nopCommerce if you're seeking for one of the top B2B e-commerce systems built on Microsoft's dependability. Over 60,000 online stores can use the free and open-source platform nopCommerce. NopCommerce offers a great solution as a byproduct of its eleven years of experience in the eCommerce industry, with 1,500 integrations and a community of over 250,000 users globally.

Volusion B2B Ecommerce Platform.


Another great B2B ecommerce platform for businesses looking to expand beyond Amazon and eBay is Volusion. Everything you require is included in this fantastic platform's all-inclusive subscription. This implies that all of your store creation, inventory management, and marketing campaign creation can be done in one location. The VIP bespoke pricing plan for Volusion is called Prime. Although one of the more affordable versions will let you to create a store with Volusion, Prime grants you access to features like VIP support, unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, and other crucial ones.


    B2B eCommerce Platforms faqs

    What is B2B eCommerce?

    business-to-business the sale of goods or services through internet transactions between businesses is known as electronic commerce. Because orders are executed digitally, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other types of B2B sellers benefit from increased buying efficiency and effectiveness.

    4 types of B2B?
    What is B2B example?

    Businesses and organisations trade goods and services under the business-to-business model. To supply the raw materials required to make a product, for instance, one company could enter into a contract with another company.

    What are B2B startups?

    Investing in future profitability, cost savings, time savings, productivity, sales, or customer happiness is the very definition of a business-to-business transaction. Contrary to consumer behaviour, corporations never purchase technology purely for aesthetic, amusement, or user experience reasons.